Ink and Slide: Adobe’s Stylus Revolution

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Adobe is finally making its first venture in to the hardware market, and it's doing so with the highly anticipated stylus and ruler combo it first teased a year ago. That combo, Ink and Slide, work together to turn your iPad into a full-on art tablet, but not like any stylus that's come before. At US$199, the set isn't cheap. Read on to find out if it's worth the steep price tag.

Adobe's Ink and Slide stylus and ruler comboAdobe's Ink and Slide stylus and ruler combo

Ink and Slide were first teased about a year ago when Adobe showed conceptual versions under the code names Mighty (the stylus) and Napoleon (the little ruler). The idea took iPad styluses beyond the notion that they're simply refined pointing devices and extensions of our fingers, and made them into tools that work along with our apps to enhance their features.

Adobe's stylus concept quickly caught the attention of designers looking for something that better brought real world drawing and painting to the tablet screen, and with Ink and Slide it looks like the company is delivering -- at least to a point. Ink and Slide show plenty of potential, although there are some limitations simply because they're brand new products.

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Product: Adobe Ink and Slide

Company: Adobe

List Price: $199



Great design, comfortable, durable, includes stylus carrying case. Customizable stylus light color is a nice touch. Creative Cloud makes moving drawings between devices easy.


Limited support outside Adobe Line and Sketch, poor app performance on original iPad mini. Stylus tip feels like plastic on glass. Routine re-logins for Creative Cloud are a big annoyance.

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super stars

I have ordered Adobe Ink and were waiting for shipment. I am eager to have the new fantasic stylus to have a trial with MyBrushes App on iPad.

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