Jot Touch with Pixelpoint: Like Adobe’s Ink Stylus, but More Buttons

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When Adonit teamed up with Adobe to bring the design software company's stylus to market, Ink and Slide (TMO review) weren't the only pieces of gear to take advantage of the technology because Adonit also released its own Jot Touch with with Pixelpoint pressure sensitive stylus for the iPad. It costs less than Adobe's Ink and Slide, but does that lower price come at a cost? Read on to find out.

Adonit's Jot Touch with PixelpointAdonit's Jot Touch with Pixelpoint

The Jot Touch with Pixelpoint is the latest generation of the venerable Jot Touch product line, but it doesn't look like its predecessors. Instead, it uses Adonit's Pixelpoint technology, just like the Jot Script, but with a slightly larger tip at 3.17mm -- the same tip the company used for Adobe's Ink stylus. 

Adonit's stylus is thicker than Adobe's Ink coming in at 12mm, but it's a couple millimeters shorter. The cosmetic differences don't end there: The Jot Touch body is round instead of triangular, it's available in white or dark slate grey, and it sports an LED indicator light next to its dual buttons on the stylus barrel.

Once you get beyond the physical differences, the Jot Touch with Pixelpoint is very similar to Adobe Ink.

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Product: Jot Touch with Pixelpoint

Company: Adonit

List Price: $119.99



Looks good, durable, comfortable to hold. Long battery life and fast recharging. Pressure sensitivity works with other Jot Touch-compatible apps. Adobe Creative Cloud support.


Button placement makes accidental taps too easy, Creative Cloud support is limited to Adobe's Sketch and Lines apps, stylus tip feels like plastic on glass.

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Nice overview. I personally like the script better, just for my own personal use. But I do like the idea of the rechargeable battery and the precision discs.

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