AGF Beetle Case For iPhone 4 Touts Color And Fit

In partnership with AT&T, AGF has introduced a new design of cases for the iPhone 4 called Beetle cases. I’m not sure why, but it’s as good a name as any I guess. They are made of a lightweight, but hard polycarbonate, and each case is composed of two pieces. Your phone lays in the bottom half and the top half then snaps in place over it.

The fit is very tight and very sturdy. There is no fear that the two pieces will come undone. In fact, it is somewhat difficult to separate them once they are fastened together.

There is a shock absorbing liner that matches the contrasting color of the design and all the necessary cutouts for controls, parts, and cameras line up perfectly. There is a one year warranty.  These cases are only available at AT&T stores.

Sample Beetle Cases for the iPhone 4

Using The Product

As noted, the case fits very securely around the iPhone 4, but at less than ½ inch, it does not add much bulk.The top piece folds over the top edge of the phone so you can lay your phone face down without your screen touching any surface. I found access to all my controls and ports to be readily available and was able to slide my phone onto a standing charger without removing the case.

Do I Recommend It?

I do. It is attractive and sturdy and I have no fear the two parts will not stay fastened together. The bright colors offer the advantage of helping you find your phone when you forget where you last had it. The roll-over top helps protect the screen and the cushion protection inside the case helps protect the glass back of the iPhone 4.

Product: Beetle Cases for iPhone 4

Company: AGF

List Price: $34.99



Sturdy case, attractive/unusual color combinations attract different tastes. Two parts of case fasten securely and protect both back and front of iPhone 4.



Case is difficult to remove once securely fastened around phone.