Akron’s TAB802 Table Mount For iPad Is Sturdy

We’ve talked about this topic before: the pleasure of having our iPads right in front of our noses for easy reading without the need to actually hold them. The Akron TAB802 deserves serious consideration from anyone looking for a table mount, clamp model holder. It doesn’t have the arm lengths of some models, but it offers options that most users will appreciate.

The TAB802 holder adjusts to fit any 7 to 12-in tablet so it works with brands other than the iPads. There is a 22-in adjustable aluminum arm that has one elbow adjust. The c-clamp base has a 2-¼-in opening and will mount on most flat-edged tables, desks, or other flat-edged surfaces. There are three articulating joints and a 360° rotating head allows for optimum positioning.

The TAB802

The unit is constructed from aluminum. The package includes the TAB802, the tablet holder, and to spare feet for the tablet holder. The MSRP is US$99.95. I found it on Amazon for US$97.99, but it does not quality for the free shipping option.

Several iPad case styles will work with the unit meaning that the iPad does not have to be undressed each time the unit is used.

Using the product

The TAB802 arrives as a single piece except for the tablet holder which must be attached. It takes a bit of hand strength to securely push the tablet holder in place, but once in place, it feels very secure. After that it is just a matter of adjusting the arms and the tablet holder to the desired placement. The c-clamp fastener is very sturdy and once fastened in place, stays in place which, of course, is a very important element.

One of the nicest aspects of this product is the ease with which the iPad can be inserted and removed from the tablet holder. Instructions are included, but basically, you just insert the bottom of the iPad onto the bottom feet and then push the top of the iPad under the top feet. The top feet have enough give that you won’t scratch your iPad, and there are grooves that hold the iPad in place. The top and bottom feet are different sizes so it is easy to tell top from bottom. Removing the iPad is equally easy, using the reverse steps.

I love the fact that I don’t have to remove the case to use this stand. I only have a couple of different cases on hand to test with, and both are fairly thin, but both worked perfectly. I’m fairly sure the same can not be said for all cases.

Do I recommend it?

I do. If you need or want something like this and are willing to pay a hundred bucks for it, then you can rest assured you are getting your money’s worth. It is well made, strong, and very easy to use.

Product: TAB802

Company: Akron

List Price: US$99.95



Sturdy, strong, tablet holder holds iPad securely to table tops.


None noted.