Apple's Silicone Case for iPhone 6/6 Plus: Good Looks, Modest Protection

Any case produced by Apple itself has to survive a fair amount of scrutiny. After all, Apple makes the device the case is protecting. It has to work well in every way, from the out of box experience, to putting it on the device, to protecting the device it covers. Not surprisingly, Apple's iPhone 6 Silicone Case does stand up to scrutiny, assuming you're looking for a case that doesn't claim to take extreme punishment.


In the package, the Apple line of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus cases show quite well, although they don't provide any way of sampling the texture. However, most Apple retail stores have a set of cases on display which can be picked up, handled, and even placed on an iPhone so one can get a feel for it.

The silicone case easily comes out of the box and pops right onto your iPhone by placing the top in first, then the bottom. The case itself is fairly flexible, so it's very easy to put on and take off. The inside of the case is lined with felt so that it will likely never scratch your phone, whether it stays in there for years or is removed and replaced regularly. The case feels very securely fitted onto the phone and provides a nice texture on which to grip. It's also very thin, providing just enough protection to keep your iPhone in pristine condition after the first, sobering drop on a hard surface.

Using the Case

The case covers the back and sides of the device, excluding a cutout at the bottom for access to the speaker, mic, and Lightning port, a cutout for the mute switch, and a cutout for the camera and flash. The camera/flash cutout features a black plastic ring which helps avoid any flash reflection back into the camera. The volume and Sleep buttons are covered, but very easily pressed through the raised portions of the case. The mute switch is recessed within its cutout, so it takes a very reasonable amount of fiddling to be toggled. Think of it more as a guarded toggle switch rather than burdensome anti-feature.

One great feature of the case is that it, like most cases for the iPhone 6, creates a level rear surface, avoiding the protruding camera wobbles.

As you may know, Apple produces two variants of the 6/6 Plus case: silicone and leather. While the leather has a more premium look and doesn't stick as much to the linings of pants pockets, the silicone is a bit more rugged, seemingly providing a bit more shock absorption. The silicone also tends to attract more pocket lint and shows a bit of barely noticeable mold flash around the perimeter of the case.

The biggest concern for this line of cases is the lack of protection along the frontside, bottom edge of the phone. While the iPhone 6/6 Plus does not feature a shiny chamfered edge, some may be concerned about the exposure. I however, am not one of those people. I've carried an iPhone for over two years in cases which lack the same protection and haven't suffered much consequence as a result.

It wouldn't do to have a cutout for the Apple logo on a thin case like this, so Apple does something no other case maker can do. An Apple logo is on the back of the case.


Overall, this is an excellent case for those of you who are looking for a simple, thin, lightweight case to protect your iPhone. If you regularly drop your device and feel you may need more protection, this simply isn't the category in which to look. However, if you're an adult who's not known for punishing your iPhone, it's a very hard case to beat. The combination of protection, simplicity, price, and ease of application makes this one of my top iPhone 6 case choices.

Product: iPhone 6 Silicone Case

Company: Apple, Inc.

List Price: US$35.00



Felt lining keeps iPhone from being scratched. Tight, secure fit and good grip. Extra shock absorption with silicone version. Access to all buttons via press-through spots. Creates a level rear surface, avoiding wobble from protruding camera lens. Easy to put on and take off. Black anti-glare camera ring to absorb flash reflections. Apple logo on case.


Doesn't cover bottom edge of the iPhone. Texture of silicone make it difficult to put into and remove from pockets, especially when sitting. Silicone case attracts a small amount of lint. Apparent mold flash around the perimeter of silicone version.