Arkon Bluetooth GPS Car Kit Charges iPhone

There are a number of window pedestals, cradles, and holders on the market now that allow you to mount your iPhone or iPod touch to your car window, or perhaps your dashboard. This unit, like most others, mounts using suction. The mounting pedestal is very high quality and the knob that attaches the cradle to the pedestal is very nice as well, allowing for 360° turning of the phone or touch. All the pieces are made of tough plastic.  

Arkon Bluetooth GPS Car Kit

The product is compatible with all versions of the iPhone except the original, and with the second and third generations of the iPod touch. It features a built in Sirf III GPS receiver which replaces and enhances the iPhone GPS.

Using The Product

The suction works just fine and I had no problems placing it where I wanted it to go. Unique to this system, it is not necessary or even recommended that you wet the rubber suction cup before using.  Wetting it may actually decrease the suction performance.  So, no more carrying around those very small bottles of water.  Perhaps the thing I appreciate most about this product is the ease with which I can install my iPhone. There is a small button on the left side. When pushed, it pops up the top tab that holds the phone secure. You slide your phone in and then push the tab back in place. You can use it with some very thin cases, but it will vary and many cases will prove to be too wide to work.  

Like any bluetooth device you must pair the GPS car kit before you can use it. You must plug the charging cord into your car to connect to the bluetooth option. Then go to setting, select General > Bluetooth. The GPS Car Kit will appear and you can select it.

The phone option works just fine. It’s quite easy to carry on a conversation, and the car kit automatically takes and places your calls.

Do I recommend it?

It is a very cool device. It is difficult to even put a value on the ability to use your phone and charge it at the same time you are driving, particularly on trips.  Arkon has priced it at US$99.95.  At that price it probably is not for everyone, but for those who worry about their battery life, it is, as I said, a very cool device. As far as the quality goes, I recommend it completely with the caveat that there is only a 90 day warranty.

Product: Car Kit for iPhone and iPod touch

Company: Arkron

List Price: US$99.95



Well made device provides bluetooth GPS, audio for phone service, and charges iPhones and iPod touches while driving.


Only has a 90 day warranty.