Arkon’s iPad Mobile Mounting Solution Is Versatile

Arkon has introduced a new product for the iPad 1 called Mobile Mounting Solution (model IPM-RSHM). It fastens securely to the headrest rails of most cars or trucks and allows anyone in rear seats to view the iPad to watch movies.

Arkon’s Mobile Mounting Solution for the iPad

The unit consists of two parts - the iPad case and the headset mount. To install the mount, you must unscrew the headrest itself and slide the two headrest rails through the rail clamps of the mount, and tighten the clamps to fit securely. Then, refasten the headrest to the seat back. The laterally adjustable arms assure fit for any size headrest. The mount is meant to remain in place when not in use.

Once the mount is in place, the iPad can be placed in the special case and attached to the mount at any time. The case will rotate 360 degrees with a 45 degree horizontal and lateral tilt and it can be locked in position.

Diagram of the mounting unit

The MSRP for the Headrest Mount for iPad is US$39.95. I found it on the Internet at prices ranging between US$25.00 and US$49.00.

Using the product 

As long as it is easy to remove and reattach a headrest in your car or truck, this is a very easy product to install and use.  Once the mount is fastened securely in place, it stays in place. Depending on the width between your headrest rails, the mount will stick out a minimum of one inch, more likely at least two inches, when the iPad is not attached.

The case holding the iPad slips easily into the bracket for a secure hold, even over rough streets.

The 360 degree rotation and the horizontal and lateral tilt make it very easy to adjust the viewing comfort. I tried it with a short adult, a tall adult, and a five year old, singularly and in pairs, and in each case we were able to adjust the iPad for comfortable viewing.

What they wanted to view is still under discussion.

Do I recommend it? 

I do. Unlike cases with strap holders across head rests, this product provides a very secure anchor for the iPad, and it provides flexibility for rotation and tilt that cannot be available in strap holders. Certainly children should be properly strapped in to seat belts or child restraint seats to prevent any chance of injury from hitting the iPad or mount during an accident.

Product: Mobile Mounting Solution

Company: Arkon

List Price: US$39.95



Arkon’s Mobile Mounting Solution for the iPad fastens to the headrest rails of most cars or trucks to allow anyone in rear seats to view the iPad.



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