AViiQ’s Portable Quick Stand for Notebooks: Stable, Stays Put

The Portable Quick Stand from AViiQ is 11-in. long and raises the laptop two inches off the work surface.  When folded it is not quite ½ inch thick and weighs 5.5 ounces.  It features a 12 degree typing angle that reduces wrist strain.  The MSRP for the stand is US$39.99 and is available now as a pre-order from the company web site

I don’t even know how to pronounce the company name (A7Q?), but I love getting a package from AViiQ that contains a review product because I know I am in for something unique.  The new Portable Quick Stand does not let me down.  

AViiQ Portable Quick Stand supporting a Mac Book Air

The end covering for the stand is composed of a patented material that prevents the stand or the computer from slipping.  The end tips come in black, gray, green, blue, and pink. 

When folded the stand lies flat, lengthwise.  

Portable Quick Stand in folded position

When open, the stand forms a triangle, with the bendable side on the bottom.  To fold it, just pick it up and push the two solid sides together.


Portable Quick Stand in open position

Using the product 

To use this stand just pull it open, set it on the surface, and balance the laptop in a comfortable spot.  Note that the stand will appear unstable until the computer is put in place because of the flexibility of the folding feature.  Once the computer is in place the stand is completely solid.  I tested it with a MacBook Pro which is heavy, but it works just as well with the much lighter MacBook Air.

I tested it on a glass surface, wood surface, plastic surface, and tile surface.  It held in place perfectly on each surface.

Do I recommend it? 

I do.  Anyone who travels and understands the importance of a stand for their computer and the advantage of a better ergo angle for their wrists, should be delighted with the Portable Quick Stand.  I will be using it when I teach classes.  I also feel the price is reasonable and individuals who do not usually travel may find this to be a economical way to get a good stand for home use.

Product: Portable Quick Stand

Company: AViiQ

List Price: US$39.99



Light weight, portable stand for laptop computers is also inexpensive.


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