AZiO Ships a Full Size Keyboard For iOS and Macs

AZiO has made wireless Bluetooth keyboards for some time, and now they have created one for the iPad and Mac. It is a full size keyboard (without  the numeric keypad) so it provides a larger typing area. By that I mean, there is more space between the keys and for those of us who touch type, it feels more natural than the 11-inch Apple Bluetooth keyboard.

Once paired with your Mac product, connection is automatically established with the press of any key and wireless connectivity is available up to 33 feet away. Two AAA batteries are required and a pair are included along with a Quick Start Guide. The company provides a limited lifetime warranty. MSRP is US$49.99

Of course, your iPad, iPhone, or Mac must be Bluetooth enabled.

AZiO Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac Products

Using the product

The keyboard paired easily with my MacBook, iPad, and iPhone 4. I just loaded the batteries and turned it on by pushing the connect button on the back side of the keyboard. Then for each of my products, I went to the system settings, found the Bluetooth setting and paired. The instruction booklet provides step by step instructions for the Mac and iPad, and iPhone works just like iPad. For each pairing you must restart the keyboard.

The keyboard offers 16 ‘F’ keys, includes the arrow keys, and has an underlined triangle key that lets you instantly switch to the keyboard of the device you are using, such as your iPad.

The typing is smooth and comfortable. The keys make the typical key clacking noise that is important to many typists — and annoying to others.

Do I recommend it?

I do. I would prefer to have a numeric keypad, but I am quite used to not having one with my 11-inch Apple Bluetooth keyboard, and have survived just fine. I like this keyboard better because of its size and the fact that it automatically deactivates the keyboard of the device I am using as soon as I start using it, and yet makes it very easy to go back to the product keyboard with the push of one key. Although it never has occurred to me to use a keyboard to send text messages with my iPhone 4, it is very nice to be able to do so when texting from home. It definitely is for home use. I would think it too big to carry around comfortably. 

Product: Bluetooth Keyboard

Company: AZiO Corp.

List Price: US$49.99



Full size wireless Bluetooth keyboard works with iPad, iPhone 4, and Mac.



Does not include a numeric keypad.