Ballistic’s SG iPhone Case Is Lean And Tough

The Ballistic Shell Gel case (SG) iPhone 4/4S case offers plenty of protection for your iPhone without the bulk present in many other extra protection type cases. This case easily fits in your pocket. A primary feature is the Ballistic Corners™ which provide extra shock absorption on all four corners.  

Ballistic Shell Gel case front view - black/red

Back view - charcoal/white

The Ballistic SG model case offers three levels of protection. The first is a shock absorbent polymer that is molded into the second, which is an impact resistant polycarbonate shell.  The third layer is soft silicone equipped with the Ballistic Corners™. Ballistic Corners have extra shock absorption built in.

Protective layers

This case is available in several color options: black/black, black/red, black/white, black/pink, purple, hotpink, purple/teal, charcoal/white, plum/charcoal, olive/black, and blue/black. The MSRP is US$34.99, but I found it on Amazon for prices starting at $13.00. It is compatible with the AT&T, Verizon and Sprint iPhones. No protective screen is included.

Using the product

I like this case. It is very easy to install and remove the phone, and I like the feel of it. Even though the sound control buttons are covered by the soft silicone layer, they are perfectly lined up and the loud and soft buttons respond instantly. All the ports are perfectly lined up as well and it absolutely slips into the pockets of my jeans or slacks with ease. It is also good looking. 

My iPhone 4S dressed in the Ballistic SG case

Do I recommend it? 

I do. It’s a great little sturdy case at a very reasonable price. All the color choices are a nice extra.


Product: Ballistic Shell Gel case

Company: Ballistic

List Price: US$34.99



Case provides excellent protection for iPhone 4/4S with minimum bulk.


None noted.