bēm's Wireless Outlet Mono Speaker Is Bluetooth Compatible

Users can pair the wireless Outlet Speaker from bēm with any of their iDevices and then plug the speaker directly into any electrical outlet to have a handy speaker with no cords connected to the actual device.

The speaker has up to 25 feet of working range and includes a USB port as well as AUX in and out should users wish to take advantage of those options. The single speaker is small, 3 x 5.25 x 2-in (76 x 132 x 52-mm) and available in black or white.

bēm Outlet Speaker

There is no battery, so charging is never an issue. The output is mono. There is a power on/off push button on the top that is easy to reach and the product includes a 90-day limited warranty. A 3.5mm auxiliary cable is included with purchase.

Using the product

To use it, take it out of the box and plug it directly into a convenient wall outlet. Be aware that even though it is small, it will still have to go in the top plug of a two plug outlet. The weight will pull it out of a bottom plug enough that sound will be inconsistent. Also be aware that the placement of your wall outlets will effect the sound quality. As an example, I was happier with the sound when I used an outlet at counter height in the kitchen than when I used it an at outlet near the floor in another room.

Side view

Pairing was quick and easy. I paired it with both my iPads, my Mac, and my iPhone, and it paired on the first try. The manual gives a code for pairing, but with my Mac products, I didn’t need to use it.

The sound is mono, but that is offset by the fact that there are no cables to deal with. I found this element to be a good feature and could walk around my house with my iDevice on my person or in my hand and control the sound level from my device. The sound was crisp for spoken word and clear for music.

The bottom of the speaker offers a USB port and AUX IN and OUT ports which allow the user some options. It makes it possible to connect the auxiliary cable from the OUT port on the Outlet Speaker to the IN port on a regular speaker, thus creating a wireless speaker system. It is just a thought.

View of bottom of speaker - showing ports

One additional note concerns the packaging and price. The bēm Outlet Speaker comes with attractive packaging which makes a nice presentation when considering this product as a gift. The MSRP for the Outlet Speaker is US$99.99, and I was unable to find it offered at any lower price anywhere on the Internet. Although the features are good, I question the validity of US$99.99 for such a small, mono speaker.

Package presentation

Do I recommend it?

I recommend it as a product, but would hope buyers would be able to find it at a more reasonable price before buying. The rating is driven by the short warranty, mono sound and high price.

Product: Outlet Speaker

Company: b?m

List Price: US$99.99



Wireless speaker pairs with iDevices and offers good range with no cable connections.


The speaker is mono only, and the price is very high.