Bezl's Minimalist For iPhone 5/5s - Protection Without a Case

The Minimalist for iPhone 5/5s from Bezl is one of the more unusual protection offerings currently on the market. It’s not a case, yet it provides 360 degree coverage.

The Minimalist

There are four hard plastic corners that attach to the four corners of your phone, preventing it from touching a flat surface if it is dropped. The corners are very easy to attach as each one includes a special adhesive. Users just clean their phones, pull the protective strip off the adhesive, and press the corner firmly in place for 10 seconds. Once removed from your phone, the product can not be reused.

Hold corner pieces in place for 10 seconds after applying

The Minimalist is available in black, white, orange, green, blue, and a dark pink.

Color choices

The design of the Minimalist means there is nothing in place to interfere with your reception. It also provides for an enhanced grip and you may stand your phone balanced in upright positions when taking videos and timer delayed photos. (A separate app is required for timer delay shots.) The corners will work with screen protectors in place.

Phones can balance on corners to stand independently

Using The Product

It is very easy to attach the corners, and they stay in place once attached. I used them for two weeks, constantly taking my phone in and out of pockets and purse. It is true that the phone is very easy to grip when the corners are in place as you take advantage of the natural design of the undressed case. I dropped my phone out of a pocket as I was exiting my car and it landed flat on concrete. There was no damage to my phone and none of the corners came off.

Removing the corners is fairly easy and there is no damage to your phone from having them in place. Once the corners are pried up and off there is a bit of adhesive residue, but that residue comes off by just scraping it with a fingernail.

Although it probably works perfectly fine with regular screen protectors, it is not particularly compatible with tempered glass screen protectors. The corners fit so tightly that the tempered glass on my phone formed bubbles between the screen protector and the screen.

Problems with using Minimalist with tempered glass screenprotector

Do I recommend it?

I do. It is a unique form of iPhone protection, but it does what it says it will do, and it is well designed, sturdy, and stays in place. There is never any concern about accidentally turning off your ringer or not having immediate access to all ports and buttons. It is also, at US$19.99, an inexpensive way to protect your iPhone.

Product: Minimalist

Company: Bezl

List Price: US 19.99



Provides 360 degree protection for iPhone 5/5s through the use of four, hard plastic corners that prevent the front, back, and sides from landing on hard surfaces when dropped. Design allows full access to all ports and buttons and allows the phone case design and color to be seen.


Once removed, cannot be reattached. Product doesn't work well with tempered glass screen protectors.