Book Review: My New iPad 2


Title: My New iPad 2 - A Users Guide

Author: Wallace Wang

Date of Publication: May 2011

Publisher: No Starch Press

Soft Cover Print: U.S.$24.99, includes free Ebook

ebook US$19.95



I’m always pleased to review a book when I discover in the “About the Author” section that in addition to writing Mac books, the author is also a successful standup comic. Well, actually, this is the only time that has happened, but I figured right off the bat that the book would be enjoyable as well as informative.  Turns out there is no humor, but he makes up for it by including lots of helpful information.

I got an iPad the first day they were available and did the same thing with the iPad 2 so I was really interested in what kind of things were covered in this book and how much help it would be for beginners.

The author points out in the introduction that the iPad has so many features that many new users tend to focus on a few elements without exploring what else is available. He feels that once a user has learned the basics they are able to expand as their interests dictate and the book is set up toward that goal.

The first part of the book covers the basics: battery life, conserving power, setting the controls — all the things that will make the iPad your own and make your life easier. He also goes over all the virtual controls that can drive a new user nuts. Things like locking the screen orientation and adjusting the sound. Some of these things, locking screen orientation for example, are different on the iPad 2. I spent a month fussing with this element before a friend showed me the “new” way to do it. 

For those who have no prior experience with iPhones or the original iPad, he covers the user interface. Incidentally, there are excellent images throughout the book to support the information, most of them in color.

I found chapter 6, Customizing the Home Screen, to be particularly helpful because in addition to covering the basics, it addresses elements that are new to the iPad 2. For instance, putting icons into folders, rearranging them using iTunes, and adding them to the Dock.

There are very clear instructions in the book on installing, uninstalling and deleting apps. There are sections on working with Safari, setting up and using email. 

Once all of the basics are covered, there are sections on taking advantage of all the extra’s like iBooks, movies, maps, taking pictures, and even printing and using Spotlight.

Here is the general table of contents:
Part 1: Basic Training
Chapter 1: Turning Your iPad On and Off
Chapter 2: Charging and Conserving Battery Power
Chapter 3: Using Your iPad’s Physical and Virtual Controls
Chapter 4: Controlling the iPad User Interface
Chapter 5: Using and Customizing the Virtual Keyboard
Part 2: Making the Most of Your iPad
Chapter 6: Customizing the Home Screen
Chapter 7: Using Parental Controls
Chapter 8: Protecting Your Privacy
Chapter 9: Setting Up an Internet Connection
Chapter 10: Installing (and Uninstalling) Apps
Part 2: Getting on the Internet
Chapter 11: Browsing with Safari
Chapter 12: Using Bookmarks with Safari
Chapter 13: Setting Up an Email Account
Chapter 14: Sending and Reading Email
Part 4: Video, Music, Photos, and Ebooks
Chapter 15: Transferring Songs, Videos, and Other Stuff to Your iPad
Chapter 16: Shopping on iTunes and the iBookstore
Chapter 17: Listening to Music and Other Audio Files
Chapter 18: Watching Videos
Chapter 19: Reading Ebooks
Chapter 20: Photos, Videos, and FaceTime
Chapter 21: Viewing, Using, and Sharing Photographs
Part 5: Organizing Yourself
Chapter 22: Jotting Down Notes
Chapter 23: Keeping Contact Information
Chapter 24: Using the Calendar
Chapter 25: Using Maps
Chapter 26: Searching Your iPad with Spotlight
Part 6: Additional Tips
Chapter 27: Making Your iPad Accessible
Chapter 28: Using Foreign Languages
Chapter 29: The Best iPad Apps
Chapter 30: Troubleshooting Your iPad


This is an excellent book for iPad 2 owners, both those new to the iPad experience, and those who have moved from the original to the second version. In my opinion everything is covered and the book is constructed in such a way that an owner can treat it like a reference source when trying to remember how to do something specific like putting icons in folders, or how too learn something ignored the first time through, like learning to print once you get a wireless printer.

The paperback + ebook (US$24.99) is only available from the publishers web site. The ebook (US$19.95) is also available from the publishers web site. The book alone can be found at for U.S.$15.96, as can a Kindle edition for US$9.99

Product: My New iPad 2

Company: No Starch Press

List Price: U.S.$24.99

Vendor Price: U.S.15.96



Well written guide for new iPad 2 users.


None noted