Booq's iPad mini Agenda Case Is Work Ready

When Booq designed the Agenda iPad mini case, they took into account the fact that sometimes one needs more than just an iPad. Sometimes you just need quick access to paper and pen. This functional case provides both in an attractive package.

This iPad mini case is available in black leatherette or gray jute. The gray has a tweed appearance. The case is not padded, but the cover is rigid and held securely closed with a snap tab. The iPad mini slides into the case rather than snapping into a solid back piece. The case is lined with a soft, suede-like fabric.

In addition to the traditional case structure, the Agenda case also includes a 50 page, unlined notepad. Underneath the notepad are two card slots that can each hold several cards. The notepad measures 4 x 7-in (102 x 178 mm) and replacement notepads can be ordered from the Booq website

Inside view of case

The final feature is a large built-in loop to hold a pen or stylus.

The packaging is sturdy and the purchaser can feel the surface of the case before the purchase is made. All Booq products carry a limited five year warranty.

Using the product

The case feels sturdy when in use even though the cover feels soft. It is ¾ inches thick when both the iPad mini and the note pad are in place. The snap closure is very sturdy. I can not see it failing unless it was inappropriately yanked hundreds of times.

The case does not come with a stylus or pen, and the ideal one to use would be a combination stylus/pen, but caution is necessary because the stylus/pen loop is large. The best option might be the Griffin Stylus/Pen, both because of its size and because it includes a pocket clip which will help secure the stylus/pen.

I took my iPad mini, in the Agenda case, to a board meeting this past week. I had the agenda that had been supplied open on the iPad on the left and the note pad available on the right since I am right handed. Lefties can easily reverse the process since the notepad has insertion slots convenient for either handiness. It was quite nice to be able to take quick notes without leaving the agenda and opening the Notes app, because the iPads do not offer the option of having two apps open on screen at once.

Do I recommend it?

I do. The price is quite reasonable for a good iPad case and it should hold up well. The addition of the notepad is an asset for many users. It will not prop up for stand alone viewing and buyers who find that to be a necessary attribute should look elsewhere. And just as an extra point toward quality, the packaging speaks nicely to what is inside.

Agenda Case packaging

Product: Agenda iPad mini case

Company: Booq

List Price: US$39.95



Well crafted case includes a notepad and loop for pen and/or stylus. Sturdy snap closure and professional appearance.


Will not stand up independently for viewing.