Booq’s iPhone 5/5s Case Includes Tempered Glass Screen Protector

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The Complete Protection Kit for iPhone 5/5s from Booq, includes an ultra thin snap-on case and a tempered glass screen protector.

The Complete Protection Kit includes a case and a tempered glass screen cover

The kit comes with a polycarbonate scratch resistant black or clear case. It also includes a tempered glass screen protector, a microfiber cleaning cloth, and two optional adhesive home button covers. The MSRP for the kit is US$34.95

Color options

The packaging is quite attractive. The top of the package opens like the page of a book to reveal the product inside. The following image of the black case in the presenting package gives a good feel for the packaging.

View of Packaging

Using The Product

The case and glass together weigh 0.7 ounce (20 g). The case itself snaps on the back of the phone nicely. It is not quite that easy to remove it since it fits snuggly, but it can be pried off without doing any damage to the phone. The case is somewhat smooth and isn't particularly grippy like some other softer cases. There is no lettering on the back of the case to detract from the color of the iPhone.

No instructions are included for applying the tempered glass screen cover, but the process is simple. There's a pull tab for removing the protective backing and the side that goes down is clearly labeled. To apply it, remove the protective backing and line it up carefully. When you are happy with the placement lay it on the iPhone screen and watch while it adheres.

This is a one-time process.  Later, you can pry the glass off the IPhone's face without damaging it, but the glass will lose its adhesion and can't be used a second time.

My main reason for wanting to review this case was the price. It’s very nice to have the option of the clear case so that the design of your phone shows through, and the case is more than adequate as a protective device.

However, this was the first time I had seen both a case and a tempered glass cover included as one product, and certainly the first time I saw both at such a reasonable price. I purchased just a tempered glass cover within the past three months and paid almost $60 for it. The glass cover in this kit is just as good as the one I purchased for almost twice the price and, with the kit, I got a case as well.

Do I Recommend It?

I do. I think the case offers very good protection from scratches and nicks and the tempered glass is an extra benefit. I personally really like using a tempered glass screen protector. They go on, stay on, and don’t get bubbles.

Product: Complete Protection Kit for iPhone 5/5s

Company: Booq

List Price: US$34.95



Polycarbonate, scratch resistent case. Tempered glass screen protector included. Easy to use and easy to install. Great price for a case plus a tempered glass screen protector.


Case is a tight fit and is not exceptionally easy to remove. Grip is not great. The tempered glass is a one-time install.

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Lee Dronick

How is the touch screen sensitivity with the screen protector in place?

Also do you know if the screen protector has an oleophobic coating as does the iPhone?

Nancy Gravley

Good questions Lee.  The screen touch sensitivity is perfect as far as I am concerned. I have used tempered glass screen protectors for over a year and have experienced no problems.

I don’t know the answer to your second question, but I will try and find out.

Nancy Gravley

Lee, Booq has responded that the screen protector does indeed have oleophobic coating.

Jason 1

Hi, how thick is the screen protector? Coz Im torn between this and the Glas.tR Nano Slim (which is considerately more expensive) any opinions?

Nancy Gravley

Jason, I’m not going to be much help here because I have never seen the screen protector to which you refer and the screen specifications for this one are not available on their web site. I will try and contact Booq and see if I can get the official thickness for it.

Nancy Gravley

Jason, I have a response for you from Booq. Hope it helps your decision making.

“Our current glass is 0.4 mm thick. However, our next round in early December (Glass+Case) will be 0.3 mm.”

EaglePro Sean

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