Booq’s Folio iPad 2 Case Has Hidden Features

The Folio iPad2 Case from booq bags  seems, on first glance, to be a simple folio iPad case. Look again and you can see some nice features included in this US$39.95 case.

booq Folio for iPad 2

It is very lightweight at 0.8 pounds (0.36 kg). The exterior is leatherette and the interior is suede. It is available in four colors: artic-ice, lava-rock, blue-storm and red-tide. 

Open the case to wake up the iPad and close it to put it back to sleep. The back features a nice opening for the camera.

Folio case - front and back views

It will stand nicely on a any surface, even glass, for watching movies. There are rubber strips that hold it in place.

Folio iPad 2 case in standing mode

Using the product 

It’s easy to insert and remove the case and the security flap on the inside holds the iPad firmly in place. All external ports and buttons are easily accessible and the automatic wake and sleep functions works as stated. 

There are two features that I particularly like, although neither are actually touted as features.

One is that the booq loop name tag that is built into the inside of the case is perfect for holding a stylus.  

I can understand why the other is not an advertised feature because to take advantage of it, the user must lean the iPad against something to hold it up. But if one does, they have a perfect pad to not only place an external keyboard, but more importantly, hold it in place. It’s easier to explain by viewing the attached image.

Folio iPad 2 case in leaning position, small keypad held in place by case suede surface

Do I recommend it? 

I do. It is a well crafted case from a respected manufacturer for a reasonable price. The features are good, the case is attractive, and it is lightweight while providing good protection.

Product: Folio iPad2 Case

Company: booq bags

List Price: US$39.95



Well crafted, reasonably priced and attractive case.


None noted.