Callpod Keeper™

Callpod states unequivocally that their Keeper application is engineered to be the most secure and easy-to-use application available for storing all your secret information. The reason they say is they use military-grade 128-bit AES encryption technology. On top of that there is a free iPhone/iPod Touch app that works separately or in complete symmetry with the desktop version.

The Basics

Mac Application:  Keeper Desktop 2.1
Developer:  Callpod
Price:  $29.95
Free Trial:  15 Days
Available as:  Download
Requirements:  OS X 10.3 >
iPhone/iPod Touch App:  Keeper Password & Data Vault 4.1
Developer Callpod
Category: Utilities
Updated: Jan 28, 2010
Languages:  English, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish
Requirements:  iPhone OS 3.0 >

How It Works

This application is easy to use. There is not much in the way of directions, but if you are familiar with Keychain Access you will pick it up quickly. While it is similar to Keychain Access, it offers some significant options that are not available in that application.

The first is that you only have to enter your password once to get to your entries. In Keychain Access, if you adhere to the security measures offered, you must enter your administrator password each time you open any single item. For example, if you need to look up the password for an online account that you access once a month, you have to enter your system password to open that record. If you need to open an additional 4 records because it is bill paying time, you have to re-enter that password for each of the 4 records as you need them.  

With Keeper you can unlock your records with one password and keep them open until you are finished.

The second thing that I like very much is the ability to put things in folders. I have a folder for financial items, another for registration codes, another for passwords related to web sites, etc. Since I had about 200 items listed in Keychain Access, I find the folders in Keeper to be a great time saver. The names and kinds of folders are completely my choice.  Items can also be viewed in a straight alphabetical listing in either platform as well.

Example of Desktop Folder Selection and Entry Format

Example of iPhone Folder Listing

The third, and perhaps the best thing that I like about Keeper, is the fact that I can sync all of this information between the desktop version of Keeper and the free iPhone version of Keeper. For those who don’t have an iPhone or iPod Touch, there are free mobile versions available for the Android, BlackBerry, and Vodafone 360. I can also sync backwards from my iPhone to my desktop version of Keeper.

For anyone who, at this point, is sucking in their breath and whispering why would you feel safe putting all that information on your phone, there are built in protections. Foremost, of course is you have to select an excellent master password.  Your password will be the same for both the desktop and mobile phone versions. If you forget it, you are out of luck, so don’t lose it. And don’t do something, say writing it somewhere “safe” like on the wall behind your washing machine, because that’s just where the bad guys are going to look. 

OK, really, if the bad guys are in your house, your password security may be the last thing to worry about, but my real point is don’t loose your master password.

Next, both versions offer a self-destruct mode with an on/off optional setting. If it is activated it will erase all your Keeper data after 5 unsuccessful attempts to log in. Nothing else on your computer or mobile devise is affected. Your mobile device Keeper data can be restored by using secure backup and restore features.

You can use the free mobile version without purchasing the desktop version, but personally I can’t imagine trying to enter 200 items correctly on my phone and then hunting them up on my phone every time I needed to get to a password or registration code.

But then, I don’t send text messages and I don’t type with my thumbs. What can I say.

The desktop version has an auto-logout timer that is set in seconds. If there is no action for the designated period of time, the user must sign back in before continuing. You set that element of time under the “Settings” tab. This is also where you enable self destruct if you want it turned on.

The Import/Export tab gives you options for backups, exporting or printing your information, creating tab-delimited text files, or deleting everything.

The Bottom Line

Either of these applications work alone or together. They offer a method of documenting registration codes, passwords, and important information, similar to what can be kept in Keychain Access. On top of those basic feature they offer the ability to unlock the entire cadre of files at one time, sync the files with mobil devices, and easily save information in folders. These additional options make them worth the purchase price of the desktop version.

Product: Keeper Desktop and Keeper Password & Data Vault 4.1

Company: Callpod

List Price: $29.95



Easy to use applications allow secure method of documenting passwords, registration code, and other important information necessary to daily operation of a computer or mobil device.



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