Cell Drive’s Cellink I: Powers, Charges, Syncs & Reads

The Cellink I from Cell Drive, which works iPhones and iPods, can function as a portable backup battery, a USB charger, a data sync cable and media transfer unit. Plus, it will support a micro SD/SDCH memory storage card.

Cellink I

The Cellink I is designed specifically for iPhone/iPod devices. With a rechargeable battery capacity of 600 mAh it will provide a battery boost of around 40 percent. (The full capacity of the iPhone 4S battery is 1,432 mAh.) It is not recommended for iPads because of its modest capacity. The device is just short of three inches long. The Cellink comes with a plastic case that provides protection. The MSRP is US$54.95.

Cellink I size comparison

Using the product 

The protective case is well designed and holds the Cellink I firmly in place. This product is designed to be a backup tool, and it functions very well in that capacity. It recharged my iPhone 4S when it was down about 40 percent. It did not recharge it as fast as a normal recharge, but it got it back up to 100 percent. It worked perfectly as a data sync cable and I was able to sync my phone to iTunes in a normal time span. While conducting that data sync, I was also recharging both the Cellink I and my iPhone because when an iPhone or iPod is connected to the Cellink I, while the Cellink is connected to a USB connection, the recharge of both is automatic.

Cellink I charging an iPhone

Although there is space for a Micro SD memory storage card, one is not included which means an extra purchase for those wanting to take advantage of this feature. There are three LED indicator lights on the top side of the device. Blue indicates data is being transferred, red indicates the device is charging, and green indicates the device is fully charged.

Do I recommend it? 

I do. It is pricy, but the advantage of having these tools available in one device that is small enough to fit in your pocket will be important to many people. It would have been nice had there been instructions for use included in the package. Manufacturers need to remember that newbies purchase their products too.

Product: Cellink I

Company: Cell Drive

List Price: US$54.95



Compact device syncs, recharges, and reads micro SD memory storage cards.


None noted.