Charge And Sync Your iPhone With PocketHub

Kensington has a winner in it’s new PocketHub. It is inexpensive at US$39.99, and it lets you charge and sync your iPhone and iPod touch without losing a USB port. It works with iPhone 3G, 3GS, and 4, and first and second and third generation iPod touch. It comes with a hard plastic travel case and a external power adaptor.  

Kensington PocketHub

You can plug into a USB port on your computer to sync and charge your mobile unit and take advantage of the three USB ports on the charger. You can also elect to plug the charger into a power outlet using the external power adaptor for a stand-alone charger and have the USB port on your computer free, along with the 3 included with the PocketHub. When not in use, the USB connector folds into the base unit for easy storage.


The PocketHub requires OS X 10.1.5 as a minimum, and if you have PC friends to whom you wish to be kind, it works with Windows 7, Vista, and Windows XP.  Come on, they need all the kindness they can get, and it is the holidays.

Using The Product 

Using the PowerHub couldn’t be easier. If I want to sync and charge my iPhone (or iPod touch), I just attach the base unit to my Mac using the USB cord, open iTunes , click on the image for my phone or touch and click on Sync.  Both tasks occur concurrently. To just recharge my phone or touch, all I need to do is find a convenient wall outlet.

Do I Recommend It? 

I like this product. Anything that does a task that I need done and provides extra USB ports for me is a winner. It does what needs doing efficiently and at a reasonable price, and it carries the basic Kensington 2-year warranty.

Product: PocketHub

Company: Kensington

List Price: US$39.99