Desk Pets Adds Spiffy New CarBot for iOS

Desk Pets has just released a new member of their line of AppBotts. AppBotts are micro robotic toys that can be controlled with an iPhone. The latest release, the CarBot, also works with iPads and iPod touches.


The free Desk Pets app needed to operate the CarBots can be downloaded here. The package includes an adapter which plugs into your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Each CarBot color has a different frequency which allows friends to race and battle at the same time.

CarBot and adapter

The CarBot offers four different play modes, includes a built-in battery and a USB flip down charger. It is available in green, blue, yellow, and red. There is a mute sound button, on/off switch, and frequency selector switch. It will play for 25 minutes on one charge and will charge in 40 minutes. Each car is approximately 3 x 2-in in size.

CarBot color choices

The play modes are: drift and race mode, battle mode, maze mode and personality mode.

Using the product

This is a fun little toy. It is very easy to understand and use. The drift and race mode allows full speed racing and includes a car horn sound. The battle mode has a fire and boost button and lets players disable opponents cars with infared. The maze mode allows the user to create a maze, which the car will detect and navigate around. In personality mode the car just goes crazy, spinning and speeding with lights and sounds.

Close up look at the CarBot

The settings for all this action is built into the app which makes using it a breeze. Not having grown up playing computer games, I am not fast at any of this, but it still was easy to do and it was even easier to do on my iPad.

View of iPhone app

Do I recommend it?

I do if you like robotic toys. For one thing, it is an inexpensive way to acquire robotic toys. It will be more fun if you have at least two so you can play with your friends or your kids — although it is not appropriate for kids under age three.

Product: CarBot

Company: Desk Pets

List Price: US$29.99



Fun toy works with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch


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