DJAY from Algoriddim is an all-in-one DJ application for Mac OS X with features for new and experienced DJs. Watch David Gallant's video review to see if DJAY is ready for your next party.

DJAY lets users beatmatch music, organize playlists, use transition effects, and organize party tunes in a simple Mac OS X interface.   Features like BPM syncing, AutoDJ, iTunes Playlist connection and digital platters make for a great experience. Seamless iTunes Integration, AutoDJ based on a playlist, and transition buttons turned out to be features I couldn't live without.

The Bottom Line
The target audience for this package includes amateur DJ's, party hosts, and venue owners looking for an easy way to control and mix their music. With a very simple learning curve, a party can be programmed in a matter of minutes allowing for a great dancefloor.

Product: DJAY

Company: algoriddim

List Price: $49.95



Great if you are throwing a frat party, a budget wedding, or opening for a famous dj in a nightclub.


Some features like scratch and air horn sirens, or sounds like TPAIN, can be a little difficult to find.