Dockem’s Koala Wall Mount For iPads Is Innovative

There are a lot of reasons why Apple customers would like to mount their iPad on the wall, and Dockem has created an aesthetically pleasing mount in the Koala Mount.

Koala Mount holding an iPad with Apple Smart Cover folded back

This product has clean lines. It is actually two pieces, each with a hook on the bottom to hold a charging cable in place when not in use. That mean’s no cable hanging down for the kitty to play with. The pieces are attached to the wall using 3M Command Strips. For those not familiar with this product, it sticks to a surface, but includes a pull tab that releases the adhesive, leaving no marks or residue when the user wants to remove the hanging item. Command strips and surface prep pads (alcohol pads) are included. Command strip replacements are available almost anywhere.

Illustration of cord holders

The Koala Mounts are available in chrome, black and white. The white is US$2.00 less than the chrome or black.

Using the product

Once mounted on the wall, this product works great. It feels sturdy, and I had no concerns that my iPad might fall. It works just fine with the Apple Smart Cover which can stay on your iPad and fold behind while in the Koala Mount. I also tried it with a normal size back case and that fit nicely as well. Before hanging, users will have to decide if they want a vertical or horizontal view. Another thing to remember is the surface needs to be flat. That means that if you have walls that are textured, the 3M Command strips will not adhere securely. 

The biggest problem, of course, it getting the two pieces placed evenly. For some of us, this is not an easy task, as evidenced by the pictures hanging in my house. I planned it that way, honest. Normal people, who can hang things properly will find this a breeze to install. And, the 3M Command strips do come off just as easily as promised. I even tried them on bathroom tiles and they worked just fine in there. The Command strips can only be used once, but they are easy and fairly inexpensive to replace.

Koala Mount attached to tile surface

The hooks to hold the cables need more thought because they are only going to be useful if you hang the Koala Mount very near your computer or near an electric outlet where you can use an auxiliary charging apparatus.  

This product would work very well in an exercise area, a kitchen or even a bathroom. 

 Do I recommend it?

I do. It offers an inexpensive and secure way to attach iPads to a wall while doing no harm to wall surfaces. Particularly helpful for people living in apartments.

Product: Koala Mount

Company: Dockem

List Price: US$19.99



Inexpensive, easy to hang and remove iPad mount.


Only works on non-textured surfaces.