Doxie One Scanner Scans Without A Computer, Can Upload To iPads

Apparent’s new Doxie One scanner is small, portable, and works independent of any computer. With the addition of the appropriate  SD card reader (30-pin or Lightning), it can transfer scans directly to an iPad or iPad mini.

Doxie One scanner

The Doxie One scanner is 10.5 x 1.7 x 2.2-in (267 x 43 x 56 mm) and it weighs 0.85 pounds (386 g). There is a USB 2 interface, and if you do elect to connect to a Mac, Doxie One requires OS X 10.6 or later. A 2 GB SD card is included. The scanner carries a one year warranty.

Comparing size of Doxie One to an iPhone

It scans a full page every eight second and scans in color or black and white. Business cards photos, and letter-sized documents are scanned at 300 DPI. Legal size documents are not scanned in one pass. It is powered with an AC Adapter, but it also has a battery compartment on the bottom so that it can run off of 4 AAA batteries.

Scans color and black and white documents

The MSRP for the Doxie One is US$149, but there are additional purchases that must be considered. For instance there is a carrying case  that is a separate purchase. The MSRP for that is $29.99. The 30-pin to SD card reader and the Lightning to SD card reader are each available from Apple for $29.99 each. There are also color skins that can enhance the basic black color. These are available in seven colors and are interchangeable. The MSRP for each is $10.00.

Using the product

Plug it in and turn it on, and you are ready to go. Your scans are not saved to the scanner, but to an SD card. One is included, or you can use your own. At 300 DPI, the scans are good. Items stored on the SD cards are easily stored there, easily transferred to a Mac if it has an SD card slot, or similarly saved to your iPad or iPad mini. I tested the easy of saving to both my iPad and iPad mini, and each was quite easy. Users also have the option of connecting the Doxie One to a Mac via USB and importing items to the Mac, but that does require installation of a free Doxie app. (Hence the requirement for OS X 10.6 or later.)

There are two benefits to this item. You can keep it connected and sitting ready on your desk so that you may scan and save each receipt, document, or business card that comes your way. There are other Doxie scanners that will also accomplish this task quite nicely for you and you are always so glad you did that scanning when it is tax time, quarterly report time, or you need to contact someone from one of those random business cards. Folks who use network printers and don’t have desktop scanners particularly like this convenience.

The second benefit is the most unique. You can stuff this scanner in your computer bag, suitcase or large tote and take it with you. You and your iPad and your scanner can go merrily on your way to do what you need to do. Collecting paper items at Macworld? Scan them, move the scans to your iPad, and toss the paper. Or even better, scan that business card and hand it back to the originator.

One of my relatives owns a business that now has staff in several countries. He has provided each of them with iPads. If each of them also had a Doxie One, they could scan invoices, orders, travel receipts, and a myriad of other business documents using the Doxie One. No worries about compatible electrical current connections because of the battery options. Then scanned documents can immediately be sent to the home office via those iPads.

Frankly, I couldn’t find anything uncomfortable or unnecessary about this scanner. It is plain and simple and does the job.

Do I recommend it?

I do. Before making a final decision, I recommend that potential purchasers check out the other versions of the Doxie scanners because each has its own features. However, the Doxie One seems to me to offer the most features for the average user.

Product: Doxie One Scanner

Company: Apparent

List Price: US$149.00



Small, portable scanner scans without computer connection, can run on 4 AAA batteries and can transfer scans directly to an iPad, iPad mini with a SD card adapter. It can also connect to a computer via USB and transfer directly to that computer as well. Scans in color or black and white at 300 DPI.


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