Edifier’s MP250 Speaker Is Perfect For Presentations

Edifier, a company that specializes in sound systems, has a new speaker out, identified simply as the MP250. It’s sleek, ten inches long and 1.5-in wide at the widest point, and triangular in shape.

Edifer MP250 speaker

The top and bottom of the speaker are brushed aluminum and the front side, where the sound emerges, is covered with black wire mesh. It includes a two channel stereo speaker with two 1.25-in drivers on each channel.

Edifer MP250 speaker front view

The MSRP is US$49.99. I found it on Amazon  for about the same price, plus free shipping. The unit weighs 1.1 pounds. There is a two year limited warranty against defects.

At one end of the speaker are two inputs. One is a mini USB that plugs in a computer. The other is a 3.5 mm jack. Both a 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm cable and a USB cable are provided.

Using the Product

This speaker is a breeze to use once you learn how to adjust the sound. As soon as it is attached to your computer it is on and ready to go. The sound adjustment is a knob and the natural reaction is to turn it, but the fact is that you just push the button to adjust the sound.

MP250 side view

The sound quality is quite fine. The sound emits from the entire length of the speaker. The base is fair, what you would expect from a small speaker. I played a little ABBA, some Whitney Houston (in memory), Billie Holiday, The Eagles and of course, Willie Nelson. I always play Willie Nelson. They all sounded clean and clear.

It sounds good, it looks great, but in many ways it is no better or worse than many other small speakers, except in one way. This speaker is excellent for making presentations that require sound from your computer. It’s small, and easy to carry. It’s not dorky looking. It looks like a professional piece of equipment that compliments your Mac. You can set it in front or behind your computer as needed. The sound will fill up a classroom or small auditorium with ease. So if you want to play a movie with sound as part of a presentation everyone in the room can hear it with ease.

Do I recommend it? 

I do. For US$49.99 you can have a small, good speaker that can be used for your music or audio books, at home for family movies or in the work setting. Not a bad deal.

Product: MP250 Speaker

Company: Edifier

List Price: US$49.99



Well designed speaker works well with Macs, good for presentations.


None identified.