Ego’s Hybrid iPhone Case Includes a Flash Drive

If you have an iPhone 4 or 4S, Ego has your bases covered. Their recently released Hybrid Snap Case not only protects your phone, it includes a built-in Flash drive. The phone is available in seven colors and the attached flash drives are available in the same seven colors.  

Hybrid iPhone Case color choices

Buyers can mix and match the case colors and the flash drive colors to create their own personal case. The flash drives are available in 4, 8, or 16 GB. However, there is no Bluetooth connectivity between the iPhone and the Flash drive. The compartment in the case is for storage of the Flash drive only.

Buyers can mix and match colors

The case is made from a resin material with a matte finish, and it is easy to insert and remove the phone. The cutouts for the ports and buttons are comfortable and easy to access. 


Using the product

There is nothing spectacular looking about these cases. They serve the purpose for which they are designed, providing protection for your phone. What makes them notable is the built-in Flash drive. The drive is very easy to remove and insert. I have used one of these tiny Flash drives almost from the time they first came out. I carry it on my keychain so it gets knocked around a lot and it still works like a champ. The idea of having one with me whenever I have my iPhone is quite appealing. 

I was in a meeting just this past week with ten other people, and not one of us had a Flash drive when we needed one. There was a lot of “I usually have one with me”, which did no one any good. I didn’t even have my keys at the time. Had any one of had this case our problem would have been solved.

The following image shows the inside of the case which gives another view of the flash drive.

Inside view of case

Do I recommend it?

I do. It is a unique solution to general need and makes good use of available technology. All the color choices are just a bonus. The prices vary depending on which size flash drive you choose. I do wish the company offered flash drives in sizes larger than 16 GB, but perhaps that will come.

Product: Hybrid Snap Case for iPhone

Company: Ego

List Price: US$34.95 (4 GB), $49.95 (16 GB)



Attached Flash drive makes this an attractive purchase.


Flash drives are only available up to 16 GB.