Evio Harmony Case for iPad 2 is Perfect for Readers

There are a plethora of iPad cases available today, and just as many use cases for the iPad itself. For some, it is a multimedia device primarily used to watch video. For others, an on-the-go email and productivity device. Some users type furiously and others almost never. 

This reviewer falls into the latter of that last category: I use my iPad almost exclusively for reading and never type more than a sentence or two. For users like me, the Evio Harmony case for the iPad 2 fits perfectly.

Evio Harmony for iPad 2

After starting off, like most iPad 2 owners, with the Apple Smart Cover, I quickly moved to a case that would better protect the entire device. For me that was the BookBook from Twelve South. When Evio sent me a review sample of their Harmony case, however, I quickly switched and haven’t looked back.

Like the BookBook, the Harmony is made of faux leather on the exterior that is pleasing to the touch. Unlike the BookBook, the Harmony is svelte and form-fitting to the iPad. It securely holds the device without the addition of significant thickness or weight. The interior of the Harmony is made of “soft touch” material, reminiscent of microfiber, that is equally pleasing to touch. The interior does show dirt quite readily, but I’ve found that a quick wipe with a slightly damp cloth cleans it right up. 

The exterior styling of the case is equally nice. Initially available in a burgundy and black combination, with other color choices coming soon, the design is pleasing to my eyes; it stands out without being too bold.

Evio Harmony Front

The front of the Harmony, in the burgundy and black color combination.

Around the back of the case, Evio has tapered edges to allow easy access to all buttons and ports. There are also cut-outs for the microphone and camera. This ease of access is something that is not found on most cases, especially cases that protect the entire device and not just the screen. The Harmony also includes magnets in the cover, so that the iPad 2’s sleep/wake capabilities are fully supported.

Evio Harmony Tapered Edges

The tapered edges allow full access to the iPad’s buttons and ports.

As I mentioned above, I use my iPad almost exclusively for reading and I’ve found the Harmony, with it’s cover folded back, to be a near perfect fit for my comfort. Where the Harmony is less-than-ideal is with other configurations, such as those for typing and watching video while propped up. 

The Harmony does stand on its edge for convenient video viewing, with the front cover flipped back to form a triangle, but unlike other cases there is no connection at the base of the triangle to prevent the structure from tipping over if knocked ajar. In other words, it works, but it’s not ideal and will likely cause frustration for users who prefer to set their iPad up in this manner regularly.

As for the typing position, Evio includes a pop-out stand on the Harmony that is intended to support the device in this manner. In practice, however, the stand does not have much support and any force towards the top of the iPad while typing will cause the stand to fold back into the case and the device will fall flat to the table. In the end, the situation for typing is much the same as for movie viewing: it will work, but will leave you frustrated.

Evio Harmony Typing Position

The typing position of the Harmony does not work well in practice.

For those who rarely type (or who don’t mind typing while the iPad is flat to the surface), and rarely prop their iPad up to watch video, the Harmony case is an excellent choice. It’s stylish, well built, feels great to hold, and fully protects your iPad while still offering maximum access to the buttons, ports, and camera.

Product: Harmony

Company: Evio

List Price: US$39.99



Well built; protects the entire iPad. Good materials; comfortable to hold. Tapered edges for full and easy access to all buttons and ports. Perfect for those who use their iPad primarily for reading.


Not ideal for landscape orientation video viewing. Pop-out stand for landscape typing does not work well.