Flip Wallet Review: Magnetic Leather iPhone Credit Card Case

Toffee, an established company out of Australia, has introduced an iPhone 5/5s wallet case that they call the Flip Wallet because of an extra feature that comes with the case.

The case consists of a hard shell base wrapped in genuine leather. It is available in brown or black. The case includes five credit card slots and a pocket for cash, receipts, etc.

Flip Wallet is available in black or brown.

There is also an elastic closure to hold everything securely, and a hidden magnet that holds the back out of the way when you are using your phone. The Flip Wallet has an MSRP of US$49.95 and is available on the company website.

Close-up of slots for credit cards.

Using The Product

The craftsmanship on this case is excellent. The card slots are of adequate size to hold credit cards. They go in fairly easily and are held securely. It is easy to insert and remove the phone from the hard shell case and all the port and connector openings are aligned properly.

The magnet that holds the case front out of the way when using the phone is a very clever idea. One of the complaints I have heard about wallet cases in general is that the case front frequently gets in the way when trying to use the phone. Once the case front of the Flip Wallet is folded back and the magnet snaps into place, the front is completely out of the way until the magnet is released.

Magnet engaged.

The Packaging

The packaging for this case makes a nice presentation. You don’t have to tear the box to get into it and there are no broken nails required. The portion of the package holding the case slides out and the package stays intact.

Flip Wallet package.

Do I Recommend It?

I do. For those who like wallet cases, this is a good buy. The magnet that holds the case cover out of the way when using the phone is a thoughtful addition that should make this case attractive to users.

Product: Flip Wallet

Company: Toffee

List Price: US $49.95



Well crafted case made of soft, genuine leather.  A magnet holds case front closed when phone is in use. It's easy to insert and remove phone. Five slots to hold credit cards or cash.


None noted.