G-Form Extreme Edge Case for iPad: a Mixed, Strong Bag

The G-Form Extreme Edge case for all iPads is an open face case with a very rugged, shock absorbing material everywhere else. Not only is it lightweight and water-resistant, but it offers a lot of protection. Missing, however, are the aesthetics usually associated with the iPad. And there’s a good reason for that.

The Extreme Edge comes in two versions. I reviewed the traditional style that has RPT material on the outside and is black all around. “RPT” is G-Form’s term for “Reactive Protection Technology” a composite of PORON (Microcellular Urethane) and some other proprietary materials.

G-form -1

This case means business, tough, no nonsense

The idea here is to pry open the corner flaps in sequence and insert the iPad. The flaps are thick and tough, and I surmise that of the iPad were to be dropped face down or on an edge, there would be very good protection.

G-form -2

Inserting an iPad is a tight, secure fit. Even with squishy edges

The case feels heavier than the 6 ounce weight, and it’s one of the toughest, bulkiest cases I’ve seen for the iPad. Also, it’s designed to work for the iPad, iPad2, iPad 3, Motorola Xoom, HP TouchSmart, Acer Iconia, and Samsung Galaxy. As a result, there is considerable room along the vertical edges when using an iPad. That doesn’t result in any slippage because the fit is tight, but it does make for a squishy edge and isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as a tighter fitting case designed specifically for the iPad. On the other hand, that could also be a plus when it comes to a minor bump.

What I Liked

  • An opening for the camera aperture
  • An opening for earbuds, with a bit of twisting of the flap
  • Good all around edge protection with thick corner flaps that look like they can absorb a hefty bump

What I Didn’t Like

  • No access to volume buttons
  • No access to dock (but then that’s probably not part of the usage profile)
  • Access to the power button only by feel, one can depress the case in just the right spot with practice
  • Hard to touch the display in the far corners
  • Universal design for many tablets leaves space along the vertical edges with iPad.
  • The back collapses in and out, accordion-like, when an iPad is inserted, but that also gives the enclosed air pocket a chance to absorb a blow

Edge Case

Clearly this case is designed for the most challenging environments. It feels as if it would protect the iPad in just about any conceivable accident, even face down. The edges and edge flaps are very well cushioned.

G-Form 3

The back gives a little, and that lets air be a cushion

If you’re looking for a pretty case, one with nice aesthetics and a form fit, one that you can use around the house, you’ll need to look elsewhere. This case looks like it means business and dispenses with looks. So if you’re planning on a rough ride: hiking, sailing, spelunking or weekend National Guard duty and you don’t care about anything but protection, this is a good choice. In fact, it does have an almost military look about it.

As an aside, it’s designed and manufactured in the United States, and it has a small U.S. flag sewn into the edge. Finally, the price is reasonable and competitive.

Do I Recommend it?

I do, but with the above caveats. You must have in mind some very serious, possibly stressful duty for the iPad and not care about the look and feel. With that in mind, I think it’ll do a great job.

Product: Extreme Edge

Company: G-Form

List Price: US$44.99



Very tough, strong shock absorbing edges, air cushioning.


Not great on looks, some controls blocked