Global Delight Technologies Boom App Enhances Volume



Global Delight Technologies Boom app is made for the Mac, and its purpose is to enhance the volume of your music, QuickTime, Skype conversations, YouTube, iChat, online music and videos.

Category: Utilities
Updated: Aug 17, 2011
Current Version: 1.2
Size: 8.5 MB
Language: English
Seller: Global Delight Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later
Price: US$8.99

Once the application is installed, the Boom icon is added to the menu bar. To use Boom to enhance the volume of music you just click on the Boom icon. That will open the volume bar and give access to the square at the bottom of the bar. Click on that square to access the two enhancement options.

Boom menu icon

The Boost File Tab lets you enhance music. The easiest way to add items is to click on the plus sign in the open window and select files or iTunes. Click on the recordings you want to enhance and each will be added to the list in the window. Then adjust the volume bar and click the Boost button.

Once enhanced by Boom, each recording is stored in a new folder in iTunes. The items in this folder are enhanced duplicates of the items already listed in your iTunes music list. They do not replace the items in your iTunes music list. If you had one copy of Hallelujah and you enhance it, you will then have two copies of Hallelujah in iTunes. However, you can delete the original version from your iTunes list and drag the enhanced version from the Boom folder back to the main Music list.

Boost File window

To use Boom to enhance the volume of QuickTime, Skype, YouTube, iChat, online music and videos, click on the Boom icon and then the square at the bottom of the bar to access the Mac Volume tab. 

Turn on the Boom volume and Equalizer buttons. Next to the Equalizer button is a menu that allows you to select equalizer presets for the kind of sound you want to enhance.

Mac Volume preset for vocals

Mac Volume preset for movies

The menu offers a number of options.

Preset options

Using the Product

Once you get this application installed it’s easy to use.  However, I would wish that the enhanced versionhad an option to just replace the original version of my music so that I didn’t have to go through the steps to move and delete.

I find myself using the Mac Volume option significantly more often than the Boost File option. The equalizer presets are a big plus for anyone who wants a quick fix to audio quality, and you can easily change between the equalizer presets by holding down the Option key while clicking the Boom icon in the menu bar.

I tested the voice option during a long, three way Skype call and the quality of the call was excellent. While watching a movie, I noticed that the background music did not mask out the dialogue which happens frequently when watching movies with at-home equipment.

Do I recommend it?

I do. I think that users may find that they automatically turn to this application when using Skype, iChat, YouTube and other like services because it will make the listening much more pleasurable.

Product: Boom

Company: Global Delight Technologies

List Price: U.S.$8.99



Enhances volume for music and internet.


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