Griffin’s Elan Folio iPad Case Is Stylish

The Elan Folio Case from Griffin works with both the iPad 2 and the new iPad. The cover flips open for quick access to the iPad and closes like a book. It is available in a primary color of blue or red, but each also has a tan and white stripe pattern to compliment the solid color and add interest.

Elan Folio Case - blue and red versions

The back of the case has an extra attachment that holds the case securely in place when the back is folded in landscape position for viewing or working.

Outside view of case with catch marked with an arrow

The inside of the case is covered with a microsuede lining to protect the surface of the iPad, and there are cutouts that allow access to all ports, controls, and the camera.

Inside view of case

The Elan Folio iPad Case is available from the company web site with an MSRP of US$49.99.

Using the product

The case is very easy to use. My iPad third generation slips easily into the case but the fit is snug and feels secure. All the cut-outs line up correctly and are appropriately sized for both generations of the iPad. The attached catch that allows the case to remain in place when folded back is made from leather and is securely fastened. The following image will, perhaps, provide a better view of the case in this mode. 

There is an elastic loop on the right side of the case that easily holds a stylus without interfering with any operation of the case or iPad. This loop is also visible in the image.

Photo of case folded to support typing mode

Do I recommend it? 

I do. It is attractive and sturdy and works well for anyone who carries their iPad inside bags or backpacks and have no concerns about drops. This case will protect against scratches and dings. The stylus loop is a nice extra.

Product: Elan Folio Case

Company: Griffin

List Price: US$49.99



Attractive, sturdy case for iPad 2 or 3.  Provides good protection.


None noted.