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It’s not often that I am forced, forced I say, to lay on the couch and read from my iPad for an hour so that I can adequately review a product for TMO. But I do what I have to do to thoroughly test all products that come my way, and the Rain Design Inc. iRest is no exception.

Its purpose is to provide a balanced stand that allows users to recline or half recline while placing the iRest comfortably on their body to hold the iPad in place. It is designed for both reading and entering text. The stand has cutouts for the dock connector and speaker, and can accommodate regular iPad cases. The stand also features a torque hinge that allows users to adjust angle up to 60 degrees with only a minimum amount of pressure.

iRest lap stand in use

The iRest lap stand with an iPad

iRest back view

The iRest weighs 15 oz., is made from 1.5 mm thick aluminum, and folds flat when not in use. The MSRP is US$49.90. This product was introduced at Macworld 2011 where it received a Best of Show award.

Using the Product

There is a lot to like about this product. Indeed, I snuggled under my electric blanket and read until 5:30 in the morning during our recent cold weather snap simply because I did not have to hold my iPad in my hands. However, all is not perfect. For those of us with less than perfect bodies it takes some adjustment to keep the iRest in place. I found that the iPad fits better in iRest if the iPad is in a case because it creates a tighter fit. I also found that I needed to keep my iPad in landscape position so that it did not become top heavy and tip over, hitting me on my nose.

Even with these adjustments, the iRest was a pleasure to use. Although it is very light weight, it is sturdy and easy to use. If I felt the need to hold it in place at times, that was a small inconvenience compared to holding my iPad in both hands while trying to read in a reclined position. And, when placed on a desk or table top, the rubber feet, hold the iRest in place for either reading, typing, or game playing.

Do I recommend it?

I do. It is appropriately priced, well made, and does what it is designed to. I find it to be a wonderful thing to be able to read on my iPad while in a reclined position as it is one of my favorite pastimes.  Just be aware that different body types may have to adjust as needed to get maximum benefit from the product.

Product: iRest

Company: Rain Design, Inc.

List Price: US$49.90



Well made product that allows users to balance an iPad on their body while in a reclined position.



Requires some adjustments to secure a consistent perch for some body types.


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Stan Winstone

Gah- why is it that Apple makes stunningly elegant designs and these 3rd party hacks make the ugliest possible accessories they can for them?


Like as if it isn’t going to yesterdays news with the up coming hover iPad, aka, the hiPad.


why is it that Apple makes stunningly elegant designs

Why is it that Apple makes such stunningly impractical designs that need such ridiculous accessories?

The iPad is too heavy for its intended use, and unless Apple can shrink it into a sheet of paper it will ultimately fail in the market.


The iRest is DOA because it does not pass the ugly test.

Quirilio Vilorio III

Hi, Have a question: How does it handle the iPad in horizontal mode (landscape), like for watching a movie?

Nancy Gravley

Hi, Have a question: How does it handle the iPad in horizontal mode (landscape), like for watching a movie?

It works very well in landscape mode.  I use landscape mode when reading and it is much more stable in that mode.


I found something similar that looks more stable. Anyone tried the iPad Recliner? It’s on sale for $35 right now.

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