Headphones Celebrate 70 Years of Comic Book Superheroes

Coloud specializes in themed headphones (NFL, Hello Kitty, etc) and the Marvel X-Men line is a limited edition release introduced in honor of the 70th anniversary of the comic book superheroes. Part of the presentation package is a special box that features all the comic book characters from the superhero line.

Coloud Marvel X-Men Headphones Limited Edition Box


The first thing I noticed when trying out the headphones was the comfort of the ear pieces. They are nicely padded, and they swivel which helps get a nice fit. The fairly thick cord means less concern about cord damage, and the top headband is wide and surprisingly comfortable. I also noticed that the 3.5 mm plug is sturdy and easy to grip. The headphones offer a one year replacement warranty.


Coloud Limited Edition Marvel X-Men Headphones


These headphones retail for $39.95, but for that price the sound quality is actually quite good. I think some of that may have to do with the good fit of the ear pieces, but that is just my opinion. Whatever the cause, the sound was even and pleasant. If Willie Nelson sounds good, I am a happy camper.

Should You Celebrate Your Inner Wolfman

Coloud uses the same design and construction for all their themed headphone products. That probably explains the quality of the product at the relatively low price of $39.95. The most important features are the fit and comfort of the ear pieces and the acceptable sound quality. If your inner wolfman is howling, you should definitely grab a set of these before they disappear.




Product: Marvel X-Men Headphones

Company: Coloud

List Price: $39.95



Inexpensive headphones offer comfortable fit and good sound quality. Set includes a 3.5 mm plug with 1.2 m coil cord. There is a one year replacement warranty.



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