Hex’s iPhone 5 Axis Wallet Case Is Ideal For Inside Suit Pockets

Hex has updated it’s popular version of the wallet case to fit the new iPhone 5 design. In addition to space for the iPhone 5, the Axis Wallet case has three slots for credit cards and a hidden space for cash or receipts. 

Axis Wallet Case for iPhone 5 


This wallet/case has an attractive leather exterior that is held together with a black strap. the case is available in black, red, or white.

The phone nestles inside a heavy duty black plastic frame on one side and on the other side are slots for 3 cards and a pocket for cash or receipts. There is a prominent opening for the iPhone 5 photo needs.

Empty case


The leather exterior of the case should hold up nicely over the long haul and the plastic iPhone bed is very strong. The addition of an elastic strap that will hold the case closed when not in use will provide some additional protection for the phone, but this case is not designed for rugged use. It is designed to be easily at hand with the addition of cards at cash when you need them.

Ease of Removing the iPhone

While it is extremely easy to insert the iPhone 5 into the Axis Wallet Case, it is another story when you try to remove it. I tried for half an hour to get it out without scratching my phone and gave up until someone with younger, stronger, hands came over. She had almost as much trouble as I did, but finally removed my phone by simultaneously pushing down on the two corners of the phone bed that faced the inside.

Removing the iPhone is easier if the marked corners are pressed together

Using the Case

In a purse, it's not so great, but that is not what it is designed for. The slim design works well in coat jackets, particularly inside pockets of men’s suit jackets. I asked several men who routinely wear suit jackets in their work environment to place the case (with iPhone) in their inside pockets and then called them to see how comfortable they were retrieving their phone and taking the call. Out of the five, one said he preferred keeping his phone in his pants pocket, but the other four liked having their phone where they could reach it, even when they were sitting.

It is easy to take photos while the phone is in the case. The case is very lightweight so it is no problem to hold it up to take shots. All of the ports and buttons are easily accessible and the phone can be charged while in the case. Those who like the volume controls readily available will like their access with this case.

Easy access to volume controls

There is one other feature to this case. It can be folded to allow the iPhone 5 to sit horizontally to serve as a viewer. To make it actually work, the elastic band that holds the case closed, can be angled across the folded part of the case to anchor it in place. The following image explains how this works.

Using the case as a viewer

Packaging & Warranty

Hex always presents it’s products with attractive packaging and the Axis Wallet case for iPhone 5 is no exception. The package, which is eye-catching, also provides protective seating for the case. The Axis Wallet case includes a one year warranty.

Axis Wallet Package

Do I Recommend It?

I do. If you like this style case then this is a good buy. The leather will be long lasting and the iPhone is easy to access and it is very professional looking.

Product: Axis Wallet Case for iPhone 5

Company: Hex

List Price: US$49.95



Attractive and professional wallet case for iPhone 5 is made from leather and provides slots for cards and cash in addition to a secure place for the iPhone.


It is difficult to remove the iPhone from the case.