Hex’s Convertible Laptop Sleeve Is Just Awesome

The Convertible Laptop Sleeve, from the Hex Academy Bag Collection, will carry a 13-in. Macbook Pro, an iPad, and assorted accessories, with a handle or back straps while maintaining a sophisticated, professional look.

The Convertible Laptop Sleeve from Hex

This bag is part of a matching set of bags and cases from Hex. Each one is designed for a specific item or use, and ach case in the set is made from heavy duty 16 ounce reverse denim material featuring waxed coating which makes them water repellent. All of the cases are gray with black trim. This particular case measures 10 by 13 by 3.2-inches.

There are three parts to the Convertible Laptop Sleeve for the 13-in. Macbook Pro. First is a deep, padded, zippered pocket designed to safely carry the 13-in. computer. Next is a shorter padded, zippered pocket that holds an iPad. Last is a fuller padded pocket for accessories. There are removable back straps, made from surplus grade cotton, for backpacking, and a small handle for hand carrying.

A front view

Using the product 

This bag is perfect for carrying both a 13-in. computer and an iPad. Each has it’s own lined compartment. While the compartments are fitted to the specific product, it is still easy to remove and insert them. I had no problems inserting and removing my iPad while it was wearing this sturdy case. The bag is well made and easily holds the products that it is designed to carry. It looks very professional, even when worn as a backpack. When I asked a couple of businessmen how they would feel using it in the work environment, they said it was the only backpack style case they had seen that they would feel comfortable using at work.

Carrying the bag as a backpack

Carrying the bag by the handle

Do I recommend it? 

I do. Personally, I love this bag and plan to use it myself with my new 13-in. MacBook Pro. Even as an older woman I do not feel dorky wearing this case as a backpack. The price is good, and it is well made.

Product: Convertible Laptop Sleeve

Company: Hex

List Price: US$59.95



Attractive, sturdy case


None noted