HiRise Apple Watch Stand is Beautiful, Well Engineered

The HiRise Apple Watch stand from Twelve South, available now, elevates the Apple Watch beautifully, integrates the inductive charger, and showcases the smartwatch for charging overnight. It works with any model Apple Watch and bands and is a step above the ordinary in design.


When I saw that the HiRise, made of metal, comes with an Allen screw and an Allen wrench, I knew right away that this was a product that would be a step above the usual plastic accessory.

Out of the box, there are three pieces: the metal base, a cable cover and the metal vertical support. The support drops into a gutter and is held in place with an Allen screw at 73 degrees from the horizontal. (The included pamphlet with directions don't show this allen screw, perhaps because it was a late engineering change.)

The next step is to snake Apple inductive charger into the gutter in the base, up into the vertical support where a friction fit works nicely. Apply the cable cover, plug the charger cable in, and you're all set.

Vertical support held firm with Allen screw.

Because the product is made of metal, and the base is pleasantly large, the HiRise is very stable. There's a nonslip rubber base that keeps it from sliding around.

The charger cable fits well and the gray cover plate is well designed
and good looking.

As a result, if you've set an alarm, you won't knock your watch around when you snooze it. The plastic cable cover plate removes easily so you can pack the charger for travel. I don't recommend traveling with the HiRise because of its weight and configuration. Plus, if you try to disassemble it, you could lose the very small Allen screw. (Twelve South provides two screws in case you lose one.) Be very careful when unpacking.

Assembled, ready to go.

The HiRise supports all Apple Watch models and all bands. I think it's good practices to fasten the band so that the watch can hang from the top—even though it seems the magnets in the charger are sufficient to support the weight of the Apple Watch. (At least, my steel model.)

Shown on dresser with my steel Apple Watch.

Dimensions & Weight

  • Height: 3.74 inches (95 mm)
  • Width: 3.9 inches (99 mm)
  • Depth: 4.76 inches (121 mm)
  • Weight: about 0.4 pounds (189 g)
  • Available colors: black or silver.

The HiRise is nicely packaged in a sturdy, black textured box inside a cardboard outer sleeve. A five page pamphlet has extraordinarily clear instructions for assembly (except, as I mentioned, the Allen screw and wrench kit). But the Allen kit also has instructions, so there's really no problem. That's about all there is to this product. However, simplicity and ruggedness are a good combination that go well with design beauty.


Packaging is sturdy, well done.


If you have an Apple Watch, the HiRise is a great way to present it and protect in while charging. It's up to Apple standards for design and build quality, and Apple should be pleased with how this product complements its Apple Watch. Perhaps US$50 seems pricey, but once you have it, you'll appreciate not having to just throw your new smartwatch on the night stand, all tangled with the charger. I like it a lot.

Product: HiRise for Apple Watch

Company: Twelve South

List Price: US$49.99


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Sturdy, well engineered, made mostly of metal, goes together with an Allen screw, Allen wrench provided, non-slip base, cover plate comes off for charger removal and travel, comes in black or silver.


None noted.