i-MEGO Walker Junior Noise Canceling Headphones: Travelers Boon

i-MEGO has designed the Walker Junior headphones for the traveler who wants to shut out the world and take advantage of the free time to indulge in their own thing.

Walker Junior Headphones

The headphones provide clear audio with deep bass for those who choose to listen to music. They fold into a compact size for traveling, and the package includes a soft carrying case. They feature a pivoting headband that is double padded and each earpiece contains a miniature microphone that picks up and erases any outside ambient noise.

They are available in black only. The package includes 1/4-in (6.3-mm) adaptor, a 2-prong airplane audio adaptor, one AAA battery, a detachable four foot cable (3.5 mm connector), and the aforementioned travel pouch.

The ear pads are made from synthetic leather and are very soft. The right ear pad contains the on/off switch, a power light and a battery holder.

View of right ear pad

The left ear pad contains the cable port.

Left ear pad with view of battery holder in right ear pad

The product presents in a very sturdy black box with the company name stamped on the outside. Inside the headphones are also presented well and safely secured.

Boxed presentation

Using the product

I had the perfect opportunity to check out these headphones on my trip home from Macworld. It is a long trip from California to Texas, and I wanted to relax and listen to an audio book that I had purchased from Audible.com and loaded on my iPad mini. I found the headset to be comfortable over my ears (even with my hearing aids in place) and on my head. I think the extra padding on the head piece made a big difference. Overall, it was a pleasant experience.

Now about that noise canceling aspect. Our plane had a talker. She sat one set of seats and across the isle from me. Unfortunately we tend to be more annoyed by female talkers because of the pitch of the female voice. It is just the way it is. This particular talker did not stop talking the entire flight. Her seat mate tried to discourage her, but it did no good. A truly committed talker needs only an audience, and the sound of their own voice. Usually they don't need a topic that is of interest to anyone but themselves. This talker was able to talk at great length about absolutely nothing.

As soon as I was allowed to retrieve my iPad and my Walker Junior headphones, I was able to completely shut out her voice, her chatter, and any other noises. The steward had to touch my shoulder to ask if I wanted a drink.

Do I recommend them?

I do. They do what they promise. If noise cancellation in some environments is important to you, then the Walker Junior Headphones are a good buy.

Product: Walker Junior Headphones

Company: i-MEGO

List Price: US $139.99



Attractive headphones are comfortable for extended use, cancel noise, and provide good quality sound.


None noted.