iBOLT's iPro2 is a Great Car Docking Station for Modern iPhones

iBOLT has released the iPro2,  a car docking station for iPhones. It works with iPhone 5 through iPhone 6 Plus. It can be mounted on the dashboard or windshield. If you have a USB port or USB car charger in your car, you can charge the phone while it is in the dock with the integrated Lightning connector. The Lightning cable is 6.5 feet (2 meters) long. The dock holds everything from a phone with no case to one wearing heavy duty cases such as the Otterbox Defender and Lifeproof.

iPro2 car dock for iPhone.

The dock is designed so that there is an open camera view that allows iPhones mounted to a windshield to have dash cam functionality. For some users, this feature will be a big deal. Imagine coming upon a car being driven erratically and being able to snap a photo of the license plate.

Works as a dash cam when attached to a window.

The iBOLT iPro2 is made from hard, inflexible plastic and is available in black. It has an MSRP of US$49.95 and carries a two year warranty.

Using the Product

The fact that the dock will hold iPhones with no case up to heavy duty cases is a great feature. The secret to this feature is that the iPhone is held in place vertically with a top piece that adjusts up or down as needed. This is the first car dock I have seen that will hold an iPhone with a large case.

Perhaps the most useful feature of this dock is its adjustability. Different parts of the dock can be moved and adjusted and then held in place by tightening a screw—one that never touches the iPhone. I have a very small car with a slanting dashboard and almost no place to fasten something securely. However, because of the adjustable features I was able to place the dock in a comfortable position that is easy to see and reach and does not interfere with things like turn signals or air vents.

Flexibllity supports several placement options.

Another great feature is the integrated Lightning connector.  It helps hold the iPhone securely in place because the connector slips into the iPhone when it's placed in the dock.  The Lightning connector also lets the user charge the iPhone easily because of the long charging cable that is attached. To take advantage of the charging features, the user must have access to a USB port which is not included with the dock. Some cars have USB ports built-in, but for those that do not, separate ones that work from cigarette lighters or any other style portable charger can be purchased.

Do I Recommend it?

I do. It's a great product, the best of its kind that I have seen. It has features that should meet the needs of a great many iPhone users. The built-in charging capability and the ability to hold iPhones with cases of all sizes are excellent selling features. I will feel comfortable gifting this item because of its versatility.

Product: iPro Car Dock

Company: iBOLT

List Price: US$49.95



Well designed dock will hold iPhones version 5 through 6 plus with or without cases. Includes a Lightning connector and charging cable for USB ports. It is flexible and will fit dash or window. The design allows the iPhone to be used as a dash cam when attached to a window.


None noted.