iDapt i3 Desktop Charger - Charge Up to Three Devices at Once

The Product

As I reviewed this product the song “Old MacDonald Had A Farm” kept running through my head.  Instead of chicks and cows I was humming “here a nano, there an iPod, here a camera, there a GPS, eieio.” Must have something to do with spending the weekend with a 3 year old.

Be that as it may, the iDapt Charger i3, which sells for $49.99, will charge hundreds of products, three at a time without the use of any cords other than the power cord that runs the unit itself. These include mobile phones, smart phones, headphones including bluetooth, GPS systems, game consoles, and cameras.

iDapt i3

The charger uses modules that are easily interchangeable in the base unit, each one designed for specific products, like iPod-iPhone, Nokia 2, or generic, like miniUSB or microUSB. There are currently 20 of these modules available, including one for rechargeable AA and AAA batteries.  Each module is designed to connect at the proper polarity.

There are six modules included with the initial purchase of the iDapt i3 - miniUSB, microUSB, sony Ericsson 2, Samsung 4, iPod-iPhone, and Nokia 2. Each module is labeled. Additional modules may be ordered at $9.99 each.

iDapt i3 Module

The base unit itself is fairly small, measuring 7 inches by 5.5 inches. It is only 1.5 inches high. It comes in four colors, black, pink, silver, and white. When I say pink, I mean PINK, as you can see from the color samples below.

Available colors plus white

The base unit is constructed of a sturdy plastic of some kind and it is light weight. I don’t think it would hold up well against rough treatment, or frequent dropping.

Using The Product

I tested the unit using products at hand, but that only tells me how fast it recharged my equipment, which was perfectly satisfactory. It did not matter if I charged only one thing or three at once. The charge time was the same. The modules are easy to install (they only fit in one direction) and easy to remove.

The Bottom Line

The iDapt i3 Desktop Charger offers convenience in several ways.  First, you can charge up to 3 items at once from a vast array of products if you have the necessary modules to match to those products. Second, you can do so without the need of any extra charger cords. Next, the unit itself takes up very little space on your desk, and last, it is an item that you can carry with you when you travel.  All of these are valid reasons to consider purchasing this product.  If I may paraphrase a Tom Cruse movie, “You had me at no cords”.

The Basics

Product:  iDapt i3 
Company: iDapt 
Price: $49.99
Colors: black, pink, silver, white
warranty: one year
Package Includes: base unit, power cord, 6 modules (miniUSB, microUSB, sony Ericsson 3, Samsung 4, iPod-iPhone, and Nokia2)

Product: iDapt i3

Company: iDapt

List Price: $49.99



Single unit that allows the user to charge up to three items at once without the use of charging cords.  Works with hundreds of products, but requires matching modules for the products.  Easy to use and reasonably priced.



Will probably not hold up to rough handling or dropping because of the plastic case.