iGear’s The Racer iPhone 5 Case Is 100% Bamboo

iGear has a new iPhone 5 case on the market called The Racer. This case is constructed of solid bamboo and gets its name from the two stripes that appear on each case.

The Racer iPhone 5 Case



This case is very striking and one that others will notice immediately. It doesn’t just have a bamboo veneer; the entire case is bamboo. It is less than 0.5-in (1.27-cm) thick and folds over the front just enough to protect the phone if the case is placed down face first. The case slides together so there is a small line visible where the two pieces meet.

Two pieces of the case


An all wood case is going to be sturdy by its very nature, but the other issue is: will the pieces stay together if the phone is dropped? Once the phone is in place and the two pieces are fitted together, the fit is very secure. This occurs because the case is designed to fit the iPhone 5 perfectly. You can tell this  when you slide your phone in the top portion and then attach the bottom portion. It is not hard to do, but it is a secure fit. Another component is the fact that the bottom of the inside of the base is lined in velvet. The velvet helps prevent movement.

Inside lining of The Racer case

Ease of Removing the iPhone

To insert the iPhone, the user first slides the phone into the top portion and then slides on the bottom portion until the two pieces fit in place. Removing the phone works just the opposite. Start with the bottom piece and then remove the top. The user must pull hard to get the two pieces to start coming apart, but after that, it is easy.

Using the Case

The Racer will fit nicely in most pockets and is easy to use. There is a cut-out for the volume controls and the charger port and headphone jack are easily accessed.

View of charger port and headphone jack access

The fold over on the phone face doesn’t interfere with accessing all the numbers and letters.

Packaging & Warranty

The packaging is somewhat bleak and does not even display the name of the company. However, the case itself is fully displayed and packaged well enough to prevent harm to the product. And, always my favorite point, you don’t need a chain saw to open the package.

iGear promises 100 percent satisfaction for all their products.

The Racer case package 

Do I recommend it?

I do. It is different and well made and ideal for those who like unique cases. Wood is never a bad choice. The case is available from the company website or from Amazon. This case should appeal to both men and women and will make a nice gift choice.

Product: The Racer iPhone 5 Case

Company: iGear

List Price: US$59.99



Made from solid bamboo and well crafted, case will provide solid protection for an iPhone 5.


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