iLuv’s MacBook Sleeve Case: Peanuts but no Pumpkins

iLuv Creative Technology now has a line of products featuring the Peanuts cartoon characters. This review looks at the MacBook 15-inch, Snoopy Sleeve. It’s a soft case with a deep pocket for your accessories. It’ll also hold an iPad nicely, even with many of the more slender iPad cases already attached. But not a pumpkin.

The Snoopy Sleeve comes in several different colors, light and darker blue, gray, pink and green, each with a different gang of Peanuts characters and artistic design. My favorite is this one:

iLuv MacBook caseGood grief! What could be cooler!?


The Snoopy Sleeve for 15-inch MacBook Pro will, of course, also hold a smaller MacBook Air or an iPad, but there is also a corresponding Snoopy Sleeve especially for the MacBook Air family. It costs a few dollars less.

iLuv MacBook case

As Shipped

Even if you have an 11- or 13-inch MacBook Air, when using this case designed for the 15-inch MacBook Pro, there’s no room to put the Apple charger in the case, in tandem. It must be placed on one of the faces of the Mac, and that results in a giant lump on the side defeating the purpose of a slender “sleeve” case. But it can be done.

An iPad will slide in vertically or horizontally, leaving plenty of room for other (slender) items, like a charger. But then, iLuv also has a Snoopy Sleeve for just the iPad as well — which is a custom fit.

iLuv MacBook case

Pretty in Pink

The Snoopy Sleeve for the MacBook has a single zippered pocket, as wide as the zipper, and it goes all the way to the bottom, so there’s plenty of room for accessories. Again, to prevent an ugly bulge, this pocket seems more appropriate for a stylus, earbuds, business cards or an iPhone. Anything 0.5 inch (13 mm) or thinner in my estimation.

The inside of the case has an ultra smooth fabric that will pamper your MacBook. The outside is a sturdy, vinyl-like material, and in between is a healthy amount of cushion that will protect the contents from scratches and bangs. But probably not a drop from several feet on a hard surface, IMO.

Fit and Finish

I found the material and workmanship to be excellent. A foam insert keeps the case in proper shape until you get it home. The zippers on the top, there are two, are sturdy, as is the storage pocket’s zipper.

iLuv MacBook case

The inside material is ultra soft.

The outer cover feels rugged, and of course, has colorful Peanuts artwork. The inner, long dimension is 14.5 inches, so it should hold the latest 15-inch MacBook Pro, Retina or otherwise.

The Art

I think that any adult who grew up with the Charles M. Schulz cartoons would be pleased to carry a case like this. It’s lighthearted and fun, and definitely not just something for kids.

Peanuts GangImage Credit: Charles M. Schulz

In fact, original cartoons ceased in early 2000, just before Mr. Schulz’s death, so reruns and TV specials notwithstanding, some kids may not even be thoroughly familiar with Charlie Brown and the gang. So, when iLuv contacted me about this product line, it was a no-brainer for me. I had to look at one.

iLuv MacBook case

The pocket is as deep (long) as the case itself.

Do I recommend it?

Yes, with one caveat. This case is well made, offers good protection and is fun to look at and be seen with. However, it does cost a considerable US$60, and you’re probably paying a little for Peanuts licensing. On the plus side, I’d say that the quality of materials is worth the price, so if you want all that this case has to offer, then it’s worth your money. On the other hand, if you’re just looking for hum-drum, utilitarian protection, then there are other products, gray as a dark and stormy night.

Product: MacBook Pro 15-inch Snoopy Sleeve

Company: iLuv Creative Technology

List Price: US$59.99



Great Peanuts artwork, solid protection, five different themes, ultra soft interior, excellent fit and finish, zippered accessory pocket.


None noted.