Inexpensive Folio iPad Case In Leather Is Sharp

This folio style iPad case from AE Tech Co. is called the Acase and retails for around $30. It is attractive and well made. The exterior is hand made leather and the interior is suede. Handmade leather means that the genuine Nappa leather is dyed by hand. It is available in black, red, or brown. It closes with a snap fastener and provides four angles for height adjustment while viewing. The company refers to them as kickstands and they are different from any other styles I have seen. Part of the design is an elastic strap that can be used to fasten the case to objects, but there is limited stretch in the strap.

Acase folio iPad case

Using the case

It’s easy to fit the iPad into the case, and it feels snug once placed within the holding straps. The case is very light weight, only 12 ounces. 

I particularly enjoyed using it in typing mode with my bluetooth keyboard. I always use a keyboard when typing on my iPad. This case is so constructed that the “kickstands” hold the keyboard in place on the case itself.  No slipping or sliding. This works so long as you put the iPad in an upright position, but that is perfect for entering text anyhow. This is a very cool feature.

Acase in kickstand mode

Acase with external keyboard

The snap closure on the case is sturdy and holds once snapped in place. It does not feel as if it would pull free from the material after a few months use. There is no problem with access to any of the buttons, ports, or speakers. For the price, this is a good case.

Do I recommend it?

I do. It is very well made and offers clever design for a mid-priced case. It is also very stylish in look and feel and offers ready access to the iPad.  The best place I found to purchase it is where you can also get free shipping.

Product: Acase

Company: AE Tech Co., Ltd

List Price: US$29.95


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Inexpensive but well made leather case for the iPad provides safe environment with extras, including place to put external keyboard when typing.



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