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The IntelliScanner Classic gives you your own private barcode reader and with it you can catalogue and organize just about anything. CDs, DVDs, books, equipment -- as long as it comes with a barcode, or you can stick a barcode on it, you can use this tool to catalogue it.

For testing purposes I took the scanner to the classroom of a friend of mine who teaches audio/video classes in a local high school. We installed the IntelliScanner software on his computer and started experimenting. We scanned DVDs and found that we got instant information about each one because the bundled software automatically downloads barcode data from the Internet.

Sample Output

He has a couple hundred DVDs and was ecstatic at the idea of being able to catalogue the whole collection, particularly when we further investigated and found that we could quickly create a check out/check in log for each item, including email reminders for overdue items.

His primary interest for the scanner was not really the DVD collection but the equipment in his lab. He has responsibility for numerous cameras and other pieces of equipment associated with creating movies and checks this equipment in and out to his students frequently. The Intelliscanner supports custom barcodes, so you can make your own scannable stickers for keeping track of inventory items.

The IntelliScanner package included a sample of barcode stickers that can be purchased separately. They have self sticking backs and can be fastened to most any surface. They worked with the cameras we tested and we were able to scan several of them as well.

Sample Check Out Form

Once all of your items have been scanned into the IntelliScanner system, there is a database available for smart searching. The more information you input while creating the original files, the greater flexibility you have for a smart search. The options available for records can be as personalized as you wish.

The Bottom Line
This is an easy to use tool that provides a significant service to anyone who has large collections of anything that needs to be catalogued and monitored for personal use or even for insurance purposes. In my opinion, it is of particular value to educators and the company offers reduced educational pricing, too.

Product: IntelliScanner Classic

Company: IntelliScanner

List Price: $79 (Educators) $99 (Non educators)



Easy to use tool works with numerous products, flexible data system allows for personalization of data.


None identified.

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Much of this can be done with a CueCat (converted to USB) & any of the “Pedia” applications from Bruji. The CueCat usually costs about $15 (including shipping) on eBay. Mine works just fine.


Cuecat enthusiasts are a stranger lot than Newton enthusiasts.  Why use Skype when you still have your whistle from that package of Captain Crunch?


Why use Skype when you still have your whistle from that package of Captain Crunch?

Where did that come from? The CueCat does the SAME THING as the Intelliscanner does, at 1/6 the price.

For $55, one can buy a CueCat and the full ‘pedia bundle—DVDpedia, Bookpedia, CDpedia, Gamepedia, and have as much or more functionality and features for managing collections than with the Intelliscanner & its bundled software.


One other thing: Nancy’s friend has “a couple hundred DVDs.” I have almost 2300 in DVDpedia & 800+ CDs in CDpedia. Nearly all were entered with the CueCat. The Bruji applications can also use a camera—e.g., the built-in iSight in recent iMacs & MacBooks.

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