iPhone 4 Flip Case Offers Good Protection

The iPhone 4 Flip Case from iKit is designed to offer solid protection for the iPhone 4 and also provide a built-in stand for watching, say, videos in landscape mode. It delivers.

This case is just a bit thicker and wraps around the iPhone a little more than the minimalist Incase Snap Case that I reviewed in August.

Flip Case -1

Opening the box (author)

Also, unlike the Snap Case, which is thin enough and flexible enough to just snap the iPhone into, the Flip Case is more rigid and wraps around the face more. As a result, in comes in two pieces. You slide the iPhone 4 into the top part, then snap on the bottom piece that has the stand.

Flip Case -2

Ready to close up (author)

The case itself is plastic. The various colors have a “chrome” look that make it look like metal, but it isn’t. Inside the Flip Case is a cardboard liner so the iPhone doesn’t get scratched. On the outside, unlike the Snap Case, the photo port doesn’t have an anti-glare coating. I did an experiment in low light, forced the flash on, and couldn’t see that this was a problem. My review unit was blue instead of clear, and that may have helped.

Flip Cas3 -3

Back view of stand (iKit)

I tugged and twisted, with moderate force, the slender piece of plastic that’s hinged and designed to prop up the iPhone. It seemed well designed and didn’t show any signs of an imminent break. With normal care, I wouldn’t expect it to.

There was no problem accessing any of the controls or ports on the iPhone. The two pieces snap together tightly, and I don’t think there would ever be an accidental separation. It requires a healthy tug to pull the case apart. I liked that.

If I ever need a more sturdy case, I’ll use this one. Unfortunately, because it’s much thicker than my Snap Case, it won’t fit into my leather DLO belt holster.

The Flip Case is now shipping with a free bonus, a screen protector that has two sheets in one pack.

Do I Recommend it?

Yes. While a bit over priced, the Flip Case comes in first class packaging, includes two screen protectors, is sturdily made, doesn’t seem to suffer from the lack of black anti-glare edge on the photo port, and has a cardboard lining to avoid scratching the iPhone 4.

If you tend to use your iPhone for watching videos and need a case with a built-in stand, this is one to look at.

Product: iPhone 4 Flip Case

Company: iKit

List Price: US$34.95


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Sturdy, scratch prevention lining, durable stand for propping up the iPhone 4, comes with screen protectors.


Somewhat expensive.