iRingPro iPhone ringtones

  • Are you sick of the handful of overused, cartoonish ringtones included with your iPhone? 
  • Does the miniscule selection of overpriced iPhone ringtones in the iTunes Store leave you cold? 
  • Are your GarageBand skills insufficient to create decent-sounding iPhone ringtones? 


If you answered yes to any or all of the questions above I implore you to take a look and listen to the iRingPro collection of sophisticated, high-quality, thoughtfully designed ringtones for your iPhone.  

These ringtones, which I’ve heard others call, “ringtones for adults” or “ringtones for sophisticated users,” are unique sounding, soothing to the ear, and designed to work beautifully as ringtones. But they’re also superb as iPhone alarms or timers.

There are three separate iRingPro collections —  Zen 2, Origin, and Tek —  and each includes at least 22 high-quality ringtones. You can hear samples of them here: 


In addition to sounding great, these tones have several unique features I’ve never seen or heard in other ringtones:

First, all of the tones fall into one of two grades: Meeting Grade or Active Grade. Meeting Grade tones are more subtle, lower pitched, and richer sounding and are designed for quiet or professional settings. Active Grade tones are stronger, and more resonant and present, engineered to be more audible in cars, social, and outdoor settings in spite of your iPhone’s tiny speaker.

Second, many of the tones are available with different lengths of silence between ring repeats. So you can choose a ringtone that repeats quickly, over and over, or one that gives you a few seconds of quiet before it sounds again. 

Finally, some of the tones, like Sunset from the Origin collection, have three different sounds with silence between them. This arrangement, known as Multi-Tone, helps you determine how much time you have before the call is sent to voicemail.     

Of course I have a couple of little gripes. First and foremost, I wish that every tone was available in the Multi-Tone format. In fact, I wanted it so badly I tried (unsuccessfully, I might add) to create one in GarageBand based on my favorite short ringtone (Meeting Grade Tokyo_Lo_short from the Zen 2 collection if you must know). And I wish there were a few more tones to choose from in each of the collections, particularly my favorite (Zen 2), which has 27. In all fairness I must note that most of the ringtones come in more than one variant (i.e. high and lo; short and long; multi-tone and single tone), so, for example, there are actually 54 audio files in the Zen 2 collection. Even so I found myself wishing for even more choices.  

The Bottom Line

Give the samples a listen and I think you’ll agree that these ringtones are unique, ear-pleasing, and thoughtfully designed. At $9.95 per collection (and $5 off if you buy all three), they’re less expensive and better sounding than most other purchasable ringtones.

Product: iRingPro

Company: Hladecek

List Price: US$9.95 per pack



Variable length pauses between rings, two “grades” of ringtones, useful multi-tone variants.


Not enough multi-tone variants, would have liked even more choices in each collection.