iSkin Touch 4 Case Is Good on Many Levels

The iSkin Touch Duo case for iPod touch 4th generation has much to offer. It is a two piece case. The front is a hard plastic shell and the back is an opaque, soft rubber. This is a traditional style for iSkin. The addition of a removable belt clip will meet the needs of many users.

iSkin TouchDuo Case

The hard plastic top is black.  There are four colors available for the bottom piece.

Available Case Colors

This case comes with a removable belt clip that also rotates 180 degrees so the case can be attached in either a horizontal or vertical position. The MSRP for the case is US$39.95.

Rotating Belt Clip

Using the product.

It is very easy to insert the iPod touch into this case. It fits snugly and feels secure. All the necessary openings are appropriately placed and there is a flap cover for the docking port. The belt clip turns easily and is easy to fasten to a belt or belt loop. I was also able to fasten it to an inch wide leather purse strap.   

Removing the belt clip, however, was a problem. There are no directions included for this process, and I felt that I might rip the backing if I did not do it correctly. I had to go to the company’s web site referenced on a card included with the case and look up the directions. The touch must be in the case for the removal to be successful. Once I had the directions, it took some maneuvering on my part, but I was able to remove it and eventually reinstall it.   

Do I recommend it?

I do, but with some reservations. In most ways it is a great case. It is easy to install the touch, it it attractive with colors that appeal to the conservative and the colorful, it fits well, and the belt clip is sturdy and easy to use in either vertical or horizontal mode. Removing and reinstalling the belt clip is a chore, but if having that ability is important to the user, then it is a good buy.  

Product: TouchDuo Case

Company: iSkin

List Price: US$39.95



Sturdy case with rotating belt clip and color options.



 Removing belt clip is a cumbersome process.