Joby Gorillamobile for iPod touch

The Gorillamobile for iPod touch includes an iPod touch case and a separate stand with three articulating legs that can be repositioned at will, allowing you to stand your iPod touch just about anywhere.

Gorillamobile - Case and Tripod Legs

Using It

The iPod touch case is hard and sturdy, although it has a soft feel on the outside. The surface makes it clingy enough that it does not slip from a pocket as easily as shiny, hard surface cases. The case can be used independently from the tripod.

Gorillamobile Case - Clip Side View

Each 5 inch long tripod is composed of over two dozen leg joints that bend and rotate 360 degrees. There are rubberized ring and foot grips that provide enhanced stability on difficult terrain. To attach the tripod to the case, you just slip the case on to the mounting area, make sure it it positioned properly, and turn the dial from unlock to lock. This is determined by open and closed padlock icons. Once the lock is engaged, the touch is very secure.

To use the tripod with a standard camera, there is a universal ¼ inch tripod screw camera mount that is fastened at the top of the tripod in the same manner and the camera is then attached by screwing it to the tripod. I did not test this element as I do not have a camera that meets the proper criteria.

The tripod can be bent in numerous ways, even wrapped around a pole, such as bicycle handle bars. I used it in more traditional ways; i.e., to hold the touch on a table to play a movie, and to hook it over the top of a headboard to listen to music.

The inclusion of the two extra clips with adhesive backing makes it possible to also use the tripod for other products such as GPS units or gaming devices. However, once the clip was placed on the device it would be necessary to leave it in place.

The Bottom Line

This set provides a sturdy, attractive case for the iPod touch and includes an unusual, versatile tripod that allows the user to secure the touch to many surfaces for hands-free operation. The tripod can also be adapted to work with additional products therefore giving good value for the purchase price. This is a good product and based on the feedback I received, it is particularly popular with those 35 and younger.

The Basics

Product: Gorillamobile for iPod touch
Company: Joby   
Works with:  Second and Third generation iPod touch
Price: $39.99
Color: Black
Case: Soft-touch
Tripod length: 5 inches
Tripod adapters included: Universal camera adapter, 2 removable adhesive clips

Product: Gorillamobile for iPod touch

Company: Joby

List Price: $39.95



Sturdy, attractive and versatile set for the iPod touch. Both the case and the tripod can be use together or separately.



None noted.