Just Mobile AluFrame Case for iPhone 6: Leather and Aluminum for Grip and Protection

The AluFrame Leather iPhone 6 case from Just Mobile is attractive, sophisticated, and it proved to be easy to use in every aspect of testing. The leather is Nappa and it comes in five color options. Nappa leather is typically dyed, made from kid-, cow-, calf-, lamb- or other skin by tanning. It is noted for its soft feel. There is no version for the iPhone 6 Plus.

AluFrame Leather Case for iPhone 6.

This case is composed of two parts—a soft leather backed inner case and an aluminum frame. There is inner lining on the two long sides of the aluminum frame to prevent scratching.  The inner case is composed of Polyurethane and lined with a felt-like layer, also designed to prevent scratching. The case weighs 1.6 oz. (45 grams), and has an MSRP of US$39.95.  I found some of the colors on Amazon for $34.95. 

The case includes two parts.

The AluFrame case is available in red, tan, gray, blue, and black. The AluFrame is 100 percent aluminum. There is no screen protector included. Like all Just Mobile products, there is a one year limited warranty. The packaging is standard cardboard packaging with a clear window that shows the product but does not allow the prospective buyer to feel it.

Color options.

Using The Product

It is so easy to insert or remove the iPhone from the case that I carried it for almost three weeks to make sure that the phone stayed securely in place. It did. It just fits together perfectly. All of the buttons are very easy to push, due, I assume, to the aluminum composite of the frame. The ringer lever is recessed so that it can't be accidentally moved. All of the ports are lined up appropriately and the port around the camera lens is nicely blackened to absorb reflections.

Camera port details.

Even though the aluminum frame can be slippery, the leather back seems to provide all the grip protection I needed. The phone did not slip out of my jeans pockets, but it was easy to remove it when necessary.

Do I Recommend It?

I do.  It is stylish, attractive, sturdy, and easy to use. It does not scratch my phone. The price is appropriate for the quality of the case.

Product: AluFrame Leather iPhone 6 Case

Company: Just Mobile

List Price: US$39.95


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Case has a soft inner case and an aluminum frame that work together to give good protection. The aluminum frame lines up perfectly with all buttons and ports and buttons are very easy to push. Five color options of leather enhance the inner case.


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