Just Mobile’s HeadStand For Headphones Is Beautiful & Practical

Just Mobile is known for two primary things when it concerns their designs. The products will be made from either solid aluminum or dual-layered aluminum, and they will compliment any Apple products users have on their desks. The HeadStand is no exception.

The HeadStand from Just Mobile

The HeadStand has one purpose. It is designed to keephead phones (with headbands) on display and within easy reach. The base has a rubberized attachment that keeps the HeadStand from sliding. The unit measures 5.1 x 5.1 x 15.6-in (13 x 13 x 39.8-cm). The weighted base is round and contains a slot that allows the user to wrap cords around it and tuck them out of site when not in use.

The HandStand in use

Using the Product

When the Headstand arrives, it must be put together. It is packaged very securely to prevent any damage.

The HandStand ready to assemble

Although the HeadStand is composed of two pieces, the "legs" are each attached separately to the base. There are two small screws that are included for this purpose. The screws are recessed so there is no danger of damage to any surface.

Once the HeadStand is put together, it is ready to use. It will hold heavy duty, commercial grade headphones, as easily as it holds my personal use headphones which are primarily used for Skype calls. With the HeadStand my headphones are in easy reach, the cords are wrapped and not tangled with the myriad of other cords on my desk, and there is no danger of any beverage spill harming them. If you have ever sat at a computer with a four month old in your lap, you know whereof I speak.


Just Mobile demonstrates their pride in their products with their packaging. Not only is this product cushioned to prevent any harm to it in transit, the box itself is special. The outside of the box is sturdy and presents the product in an attractive manner.

Package front

But then, the top is actually a flap that opens to reveal information about the HandStand, including a cutout that allows users to touch the base.

Inside box flap

Do I recommend it?

You bet. What a great gift idea for anyone who values their headphones and their work space. The HeadStand is sturdy, attractive, and useful.

Product: HeadStand

Company: Just Mobile

List Price: US$49.95



Unique product holds banded headphones and cords until needed. Design allows user to keep nearby for easy access. Design is also compatible with Apple products.


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