Just Mobile’s AluPen+AluCube Has The Solution

Just Mobile is known for creating useful products with that extra something that no one else has considered, and the AluPen+AluCube is no exception. When I received this product to review, I suddenly realized that it was from the same company that makes one of the most unique and useful notebook stands that I have ever seen. That product, which I reviewed in June 2009, is called the Just Mobile Cooling Bar and I have a couple of friends who swear by theirs. Like the Cooling Bar, the AluPen+AluCube are made from alunimum.


The AluPen is a chunky pencil-shaped stylus designed to use with iPads, iPods, and iPhones. It is much thicker than most other stylus on the market and rather than round, it is six-sided. The combination of the aluminum casing and the six sides make this stylus easy to hold and use. The rubber tip is larger than most and it is easy to maneuver. 


The AluCube is a stand that holds the stylus in an upright position. It is made from a single chunk of aluminum with a rubber-lined recess to hold the stylus in place and protect it from scratches. There is a cable recess in the base that has nothing to do with the AluPen, but, because of the weight of the stand, can help hold a cord in place on your desk.

AluCube featuring cable recess

The AluPen+AluCube is available at multiple retailers with a MSRP of US$39.95. It’s available in silver only. The AluPen can be purchased as a separate unit in several colors with a MSRP of US$24.95. I found the pens at Amazon for around US$16.00 each.

Using the product 

I really like the chunkiness of this stylus. I have used it for several days and find that it flows smoothly with both my iPad and my iPhone. It is particularly nice when playing games. The stand is heavy enough that it doesn’t tip over, and it certainly is nice to be able to actually find the stylus on my sometimes messy desk. As for that extra added feature of holding a cable in place — it really will do that. It’s heavy enough to keep an Apple charging cable out of the way and right where you place it.

Do I recommend it? 

I do. It is handy and easy to use. It’s a step up from the usual stylus and if you or someone you know likes to use a stylus it should be a winner. The quality of this product lives up to my expectations of what I expected from a product crafted by Just Mobile.

Product: AluPen+AluCube

Company: Just Mobile

List Price: US$39.95



Full sized stylus and stand are easy to use and well made.


None identified.