Just Mobile’s Gum Max Battery Charges iPads

The Apple certified Gum Max™ backup battery from Just Mobile will recharge iPads, iPods, and iPhones. The unit is aluminum-clad and measured 3.3 by 4.3 by 1-in (8.3 by 11 by 2.6-cm). the output is 2.1 amps and the capacity is 10,400 mAh*. An Apple dock connector cable, USB-to-micro USB cable, and travel pouch are included. The MSRP is US$109.95

Gum Max backup battery

Using the product

I tested the Gum Max using my 32 GB iPad 2. I charged the Gum Max by connecting it to my MacBook Pro. It had to be connected to the computer itself because it would not recharge when connected to a hub. From a state of zero charge to a state of full charge took 4.5 hours. There are 8 LED lights on the top of the unit that indicate exactly where the unit is in the recharge and discharge process.

I let my iPad 2 run down to 15 percent capacity and then recharged it to 100 percent. The recharge process took three hours. Both of the cables included with the Gum Max are short which makes it easier to carry and store them in the carrying pouch. They also seem to be very high quality cables.

Gum Max with iPhone and iPad

Do I recommend it?

I do. Some may feel the price is steep and I did not find it on-line at any other price. However, it does adequately recharge an iPad and not many portable batteries will do so.


* According to iFixit, the capacity of the iPad 2 battery itself is 6930 mAh. Just Mobile says, “the aluminium-clad Gum Max can fully recharge an iPad and still have juice to spare.”


Product: Gum Max

Company: Just Mobile

List Price: US$109.95



Portable battery works with iPads


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